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New respect for Linux Mint

So when win10 nuked my Mom’s Toshiba L770 way back, I put Ubuntu on it, it always ran a bit bumpy.

Recently updating it, it got down right unusable.

i3-2310M, 4gigs ram. Installed PopOS and was also nearly unusable.

Googled light weight distros and almost went lubuntu but remembered how stable Mint has been on any trouble system of mine.

Burned Mint xfce, and just WOW. Full steam ahead, it just rocks it. And the beginner ‘welcome’ pop-up is actually packed full with cool stuff.

Just amazing how peppy this distro is on this system. Installed htop, lnav and neofetch because reasons.


If I decide to hop again, I’ll have to give mint a try!

I prefer the cinnamon environment. But my oldest daughter is running mint. Mostly because I’m to cheap to buy her windows and for what she does, mint works


Mint is ok especially as a replacement for W7 / 10 for a normal user although not liked by a large group of linux people.

Mint is a great distro, i still don’t really get all the fuzz against it from the so called ¨linux people¨ .
As far as i’m concerned it is definitely one of the better distro’s out there.

And for those who don’t like ubuntu.
Mint is actually offering a straight off Debian edition.


Absolutely proprietary ™, is basically what’s ups. Idgaf personally. It’s something that works for most people. It’s got great support and it’s Debian edition is a rolling release.

Neofetch is for epeen :wink: okay in all seriousness this is due to the mate desktop environment which I’m assuming your running. It’s got clean revitalized code and is a very efficient desktop.

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Your problem was gnome. Literally any other desktop that gnome and you will have performance.


Mint is awesome :slight_smile:

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From my experience with Mint it is fine as long as you’re using the defaults and the few settings it provides, but it shits the bed when you try to do something outside of what it is at default. So for a mom-laptop it’s fine, but IMO not something for people that wanna fiddle with things.

I don’t know if this is still the case but last time I used it, the Cinnamon themes on their website just wouldn’t work 90% of the time because they were either outdated or would just do weird stuff with the UI…

Linux Mint has been my go-to Distro since at least 2014. Originally I switched from Ubuntu to Mint after getting sick of the Unity desktop environment on Ubuntu, which was eventually changed to Gnome 3, as far as I know. But Mint, has generally been a very solid fork of Ubuntu. I actually do like the cinnamon desktop with the ‘icing’ task manager that gives mint a Windows-like super bar. I am a bit on the fence with system.d, though. But otherwise, Mint seems to work just fine for my needs.

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Another upvote for Mint Cinnamon. Just completed my One Year Linux Challenge with it and It’s been super stable and an easy switch from Windows.

Man I love Mint xfce, but after updating my system I had to hop to open suse for now because of hardware issues. Looking forward to switching back after Mint 20 releases.


I’ve run GNOME on older desktop processors without any issues.

My guess is that people who are neck-deep in Linux and are polarized towards Windows also have loud voices. It’s personally not my taste, but hey, to each their own.

What got you upset about it? I actually loved it (if anybody knows how to install it on Gentoo, please tell me).


Gnome tries to enforce hardware acceleration on ubuntu. If anything loaded wrong, or was conflicting, then hardware accel. won’t actually work. It’ll just whine and run at 4fpm

In that case, I am just lucky?

Finally, somebody gives an actual reason why I am having great fun with GNOME on diverse systems, while some people seem to be having the worst time of their lives with GNOME (apart from those who don’t like the user interface).

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Well yeah, people should just use what works best for them really.
I personally really like Mint for its simplicity and most of the things just work on it.
However i tried many different distro´s out already,
from Arch base to Ubuntu base, Fedora, Open Suse and Debian base.
And each of them had their pro’s and con´s really.

It’s just a matter of choosing the right distro’s that fits best,
with a users needs and hardware support really.

But like i said Mint is pretty nice, allthough it’s not what i´m currently use as daily driver. :slight_smile:

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2 things I couldn’t do properly with cinnamon:

:reee: get refresh rate to be 144hz without messing with x11 rate commands
:reee: flat (none) mouse acceleration without affecting mouse speed (gnome-tweaks and kde get this right)

The drop from the official KDE spin of LM was a bit of a bummer yeah.

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One question. Does it work with Wayland?

I think this has less to do with Linux Mint and more to do with the fact that pretty much any other DE other than LXDE or XFCE was and is not exactly designed to run smoothly in 10 year old machines.