New Mining System Is Now LIVE!

Go here to sign up.

Anyone currently mining on BTC Guild please go to that page to recieve your new log in info.

Oh baby yes :) Good job! ;)

Does this work the same way if we have two PCs? Such as we create two workers?

I'm not sure if this is a problem other people are having, or even if it's a 'real' issue, but I believe the text in the 'BTC Stats' and 'NMC Stats' sections may be a tad bit on the small side. Other than that, this is really cool and alot better to read than the old way of looking up your stats, also its alot more appealling to the eyes. GOOD JOB GUYS!

try mining with both on the same username and if it doesnt work, just make another worker :)

Haha yeah, i'll try talk to Logan about it.

And this graphical thing was mostly Wendell. That man is superhuman. :)


He did a fantastic job on the design. Props to him ^-^

I'm getting errors in GUI Miner saying "Target computer/machine actively refused" or something like that.

have you typed the username in right? (now its teksyndicate_Fire2box not teksyn_Fire2box)

I've tried both and all 3 diffrent port options.


HURRR I'm retarded. I forgot the T in "bitminter".

I'm going to FREAKING hate summer.


My 7870 with the miner overclock setting was at 75c. Live in the center of California with no AC. Wish me luck with the future chard remains of my computer if not whole house.


Dropped my 6870 from 85c down to 70c with some thermal paste and more case fans. I'm not sure of your specific situation, but it might help. I live in south Texas so temps can get quite high here too.

Yeah I got two side fan mounts on this Rosewill Challenger case. Right now it has a single front intake and 2 exhaust. One out the top of the case the other near the top back of the case. If I mount a other fan to the side, I can have it more or less blow right onto the 7870.


also I should dust out my PC as I haven't sicne I built in late September 2012.

Well apprently 400 Mhash/s can't get you on the leader board?

Not sure what's going on with it, but the API disappeared. Might be getting updated or something...

When you say API do you mean the list under the new info or a acutal link to a API thats not embed into teksyn?

 On the list here theres people on it that never even mined, yet I mined over 24,000 shares, and mine at a constant 350-400 mhash/s. Just find it odd I can't track my own progress at all but I can track progress of people who acutally are doing nothing.

Haha, I just had to clear my cache. And it showed back up.

And yes, the API is the list of people mining.

I'm not sure as to why some people are not showing up on the list.

I believe Wendell is looking into that issue.

Finally working for me again, even though im limping along with a dying PSU.

if you can get an Accelero extreme 3