New Mining System Is Now LIVE!

Well my username is finally showing on the API but it still can't show true Mhash rates. Like mine says 250 Mhash when in reality its 350-360 with no overclock applied and 400ish with overclock.

The hashrate on the API is just an estimate. It doesn't really matter, you still generate the same number of shares. Your actual speed is what is shown in guiminer.

Only problem I am having is that I need to clear my cache every time I want to refresh the page and get the current numbers. But that is all :)

I know all of that, I just wish we could acutully see other peoples real hash rates.

Hi i have been mining for a little while and I have a problem with my miner now. The problem is that my GUIminer window does not show up when I start up the applacation. I found this  but I am not understanding what it wants me to do. Sorry if this is the wrong place i did not know where to put it.

Pretty much it's telling you to go into your appdata roaming folder, in there is a folder called poclmb.

In there is a config file that controls where it goes as well as all your login info. So just delete that and retart the program. It will create a new config file and put it in your main monitor. Now it should be fixed ;)

I feel like i've done something wrong but my worker has been showing green 0.0M/hash.

I hasn't been doing this since the start and i havn't touched it.

I am in , everything is working.

Yes, you can use the same worker 100000 times if you want. Hell, you can get together with friends and all mine on the same account... if you wanted (for whatever reason).

Lol. I did the same thing last night... and I was cursing at the screen... Pistol walked over and pressed "t" then walked away. 

Alright - I'm back into the mining game. I will be splitting my time between BTC and [email protected], but I really just want to contribute to TekSyndicate in any possible way :)

just started showind422.7 mhash on guminer does this mean it is working

Glad to see i'm not the only one too. I sat there for 10minutes in mumble trying to figure out what was wrong.

Yep. That is your actual speed. The thing on is just an estimate and is still a bit buggy at the moment, so dont worry if it doesnt show there.

Damn my 680; 118.3Mhash/s sucks :(

so my 0.0M/hash is a lie?


I am running two 7950's in crossfire not sure if it good or bad

Is it working in guiminer?

For anyone not seeing themselves on the leaderboard or anyone experiencing issues (nothing showing up). First, wait... It only polls the bitminter server once every 10 minutes. If nothing is showing up, right-click in the empty space and click, "reload frame". 

Last i checked it was.

complication: it's at my dads and i can't check on it till the weekend :/