New Mikrotik 2.5G Switch - CRS310-8G+2S+IN

Mikrotik just announced a new switch with 8 x 2.5G ports and 2 x SFP+ ports, all for a decent price. I think I want one … but I’m guessing like every other Mikrotik device it will take 6-12 months before you can actually buy them.


I’m with you on both counts … .altho I do have to wonder if, by the time copper 2.5G and 5G is more common, we’ll all give up and run fibre (in some way or shape) anyways!

Idk if buying a 2.5G switch is really worth it when 10G switches are as cheap as they are. Most of them support everything in between 1G and 10G nowadays anyways.

PoE is the problem, no PoE on 10GB switches, and 2.5/5Gb is great for AP’s

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Ah yeah true.

I’ll likely get a CRS310-8G+2S+IN for living room situations. I really like MikroTik’s current feature philosophy of not “soft-forcing” users to management cloud BS, their two approaches of SwitchOS and RouterOS depending on the amount of features you need and the many years of regular firmware updates they supply. The only thing that irks me is the mentioning of 1 fan.

For me personally the annoying thing about MikroTik switches is the noise level of their cooling solutions, but the fans are easily swappable (have MikroTik 40 GbE and 10 GbE switches).

Do you know of any fully-managed switch model with at least 8 x 2.5 GbE ports (not even asking for PoE) and 2 x SFP+ ports that is passively cooled and from a manufacturer that is known to reliably supply firmware updates for many years?

At the moment I don’t.

This maybe the answer to my post about upgrading my older 1gb network switches.

You could easily get the SFP to 10gbt adapters for faster uplinks to say storage devices.

Yeah, it doesn’t make much sense without PoE+/PoE++ because this really looks like an awesome switch for NBASE-T wifi 6e APs.

Why no poe on 10gb RJ45 switches? They arent common, but they exist.

Ubiquiti Enterprise 8 has been out a couple years now. They do release security and feature firmware for quite a few years. It gets pretty hot, but Ive never had a stability problem with it, and Broadcom chipsets always have seemed to run hot from my experience so probably not that big a deal.
The Enterprise 24 is a 24 port version where 12 of those ports are 2.5gb poe+, still passively cooled.

Has a fan ; ) Though from reading, it apparently doesn’t kick in until a very high temp (50-60 C).

Also here down under that switch is almost 3 times the dollarydoos than what the new CRS310 will (likely) be. So it’s a hard sell. Though truth be told if it had a CLI I may have already bought it.

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Interesting. Last I heard 10G-BaseT was incompatible with PoE for the pinout or some other reason, I guess I misread that

Huh. How interesting. I looked at mine and didnt see a fan anywhere, plus with how hot it runs as well and how heavy the thing is I figured it must be passive. Typical running temp is around 70-72 C. Maybe they should lower the temp the fan kicks in then

Getic (former EuroDK) has some in stock.

Max power consumption 34 W
Max power consumption without attachments 21 W

Seems rather high? About the same as my unmanaged 10GBase-T Switch that’s four years older.
It’ll be interesting to see the real power consumption numbers while in use - I was hoping this could be an economic replacement for my 1G Switch.

My CSS610 (8x 1G Copper, 2x SFP+) idles somewhere around 2W (according to my RB5009 PoE readout…), is specced as 5W full blast, and whatever the SFP-modules take. So double the throughput for double-ish power seems right to me.

I think I have a paper from 2010 at home that still has 4W per Gigabit per second.

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This is technically a layer 3 switch (CRS), so the power usage needs to account for routing as well. Plus it has a fan which might use 1-2W at full load (which would be for power hungry SFPs). In typical usage as a switch I doubt you’d hit more than 5-10W of power usage.


Took the plunge and ordered two units of the CRS310-8G+2S+IN for testing, hope the seller doesn’t shaft me.

Been tempted to buy one

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I just bought one, for I am weak.


At least this way if a switch dies, then I can just use the other one. That’s how I rationalized it.

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I got one last week, about power, I don’t have a indiviual power use of it, but with the RB5009 and CRS305 I get 35-37w in total.
I have CRS310 with a SFP+ to RJ45. The RB5009 uses 14w flat.
I’ll later test both the CRS305 and CRS310.