New intel Xeon CPU + Mobo (or alternative?)

Right now I'm using my A10-5800K with an A85 M LE with my beloved HD7950(OCd to 7970 niveau) and my RIG has a horrible performance even in normal usage :(( Additional to that I play CPU intensive games like BF, Dolphin emulator(jep xD) and Witcher3. So I've decided to upgrade my CPU and my Mainboard(pricerange ca. 250-350 for both) and I found a good CPU through a friend:

The E3 1231 v3 is as good as an i5/i7 and is relatively cheap(but still 250€), but actually I heard and read on many sites that the price should be around 200-230€ so i could save 20-50€. But unfortunately I can't find a deal as such, maybe the price encreased? But whatever. What I wanted to ask is, is the CPU worth the money, or is there a better alternative in this pricerange(200-250€) because if i can't find another one I'll spend the extra money. And btw I don't have a clue what a good Mainboard could be, so:
Do you guys know a good 1150 Sokket Mobo with Crossfire support and other good specs(whatever they may be) for around 50-100€?

PS: I could buy a cheaper AMD8350+Mobo, but I think the Xeon will last me a lot longer, even with the upcoming multicoresupport for FX-CPUs. Am I right or should I save my money?

If you are looking to be cheap a i5 4460 and a H81 mobo is about the best you can get for the price.

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Maybe this will help, the Xeon would be a worthy upgrade.

as long as ARMA isn't your favorite game, the 1231v3 is really hard to beat.

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Actually Arma 3 is one of the reasons why I wanted to upgrade xD But yea, you may be right ;)

You could build a home server when you upgrade your CPU next time. You probably won't be buying another LGA1150 CPU when your xeon grows old so your motherboard only has to be enough for the xeon (80 watt TPD). Since you won't be overclocking your Xeon a Z97 motherboard is not necessary, H97 should be enough (although you can get a cheap Z97 for the same price of pricier H97s). But you are looking at around 90-100€ for a motherboard with crossfire support on LGA1150. Since it's pretty much the same setup on all H97 of that pricerange and the cheap Z97 they do not differ that much (at least my impression, can someone confirm this?).

100 Bucks buys you an AMD 990FX chipset motherboard (so we're pitching xeon vs overclocked 8350). Although you probably want a third-party cooler for the AMD whereas the stock intel should be enough on the xeon. But the Xeon can be retired to a home server when you upgrade next time (having server features in contrast to the AMD not having them and having 125Watt TDP)

My gaming-hardware oracle tells me that since the current-gen consoles offer only 4 CPU cores, that games will not require more than 4 cores if they are ported or cross-plattform.

@Stone is there a computer that can run ARMA plus mods well in multiplayer?

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Thx for the Videolink, the mobo mentioned in the Video could be good, but i don't know jet. I think I'll stick with the Xeon CPU :D

You're welcome, that's the route I was going with my build, but my budget happened to increase so I chose a different direction, but it was more want than need. The Xeon gives you i7 performance at i5 pricing.

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not really..

Im running an overclocked 5820k, 64gb, dual 295x2's and around a years worht of tweaking and tuning windows/arma and I can still only manage 55fps average in multiplayer. Regularly dipping below 25fps, even swaped out for a 780ti, didn't help.

Bohemia need's to fix their shit.

Find another game, build xeon rig, be happy.

the only pc ive scene run arma at constant 60 frames with mods in multiplayer was a 4770k with 2 cores disabled, overclocked sky high, 2x 780ti's and it was playing over LAN using a capture card for streaming.

It was also bohemia's streaming pc they used on twich for game update previews.....

That's insane wow.

Thanks for the specific answer <3

Yea you're right, I could do this and this makes the Xeon a bit more interesting, but idk if I'll need sth like a HomeServer in near future(I'll be in university then, no idea what I'll be doing besides studying)

Well, I think I'll stick with the Xeon, because friends told me, the FX 8350 can be really hot(on stock) and I'd have to overclock a lot to maintain the performance over the years and I don't want to buy huuge coolers and stuff, so I'll take a Xeon, I think thats a much easier solution. Additional, I love my GPU, but the time may come, when the performance wont be enough for new games, and on my 650 PSU i can't use a high wattage CPU like the FX if I want to use CF 7950 ;D

I knew they fckd up with their optimization, but that... that is insane.

thats what happens when you build something off 15 year old code that was originally designed to work off old government workstations on a local network running very specific scenarios.

thankfully there are other milsims in the works, one promising on is buing built on crytek and looks pretty substantial, there looking ahead too as the sim in it development stage supports 16k rendering. promising stuff.

/end thread jack, sorry.

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AMD FX cpu´s for dolphin is realy not a good option.
I have tested this myself, and dolphin totaly sucks on AMD.

intel Xeon is definitely a good choice, but an locked i5 will also be totaly fine.
A decent board for crossfire support is a big harder to find unfortunatly,
because you basicly should go with a "decent" Z-series chipset board then, if you want crossfire at 8x.
And those are mostly €120,- +

Yea, although even my APU right now is enough for Dolphin, I don't have any chances to use other settings than the ones which push fps, and I can't use costum textures and stuff and thats just sad..

Actually I found a relatively good board for 100€ ( A friend uses this with his E3 1231v3 and is happy with it, has no issues, even though he is no PC-Xpert, so maybe there is a better solution than the Z97 G1 Sniper. But I still don't know if a H97 could be enough O.o

The Gigabyte Z97 G1 sniper, does support crossfire at 8x.
So that would be a good choice.

Yes go with that board since what MisteryAngel said. I am currently an owner of this cpu and its freaking great for what I am doing on it. For Crossfire there are H97 Mainboards that do support it not SLI because of high PCIE Lane requriements compared to AMD and I would suggest grabbing finding a H97 motherboard since you seems to not want the bells and whistles that come with Z97 mainboards.

The problem with H97 boards is, that they do support crossfire.
However you are limmited to 4x speeds.
4x speeds wouldnt be that bad either, but still.
If you want decent sli / crossfire capability´s, its better to go with a decent Z87 / Z97 board,
for this particular platform.

cheaper Z97 boards like Asrock Z97 pro3 dont support sli either.
They do support crossfire just like H97 board do.
But again limmited to 4x speeds.

But the Gigabyte Z97 G1 sniper does support sli at 8x.
So that would be a good choice to go with.

Well, I see the advantage in having x8 support and SLI, but I'm using an AMD card and I'll probably upgrade to CF 7950 when I need to so there is no need for SLI, and I don't have a clue what the difference is between x4 and x8 speeds, what speed-number is multiplied by that? ;D

The thing is, I'm a bit scared that the Xeon may not last that long and the need to upgrade again will come up faster than I'm imagining right now, because thats a loot of money I could waste. Is it future proof enough to spend 350€ or should I save money and buy a cheaper FX(for example)+mobo for 200-250€ and be happy with it the next few years?

so the issue is more or less, what combo is best for the money which... throws me back to the beginning... yay xD

Or should I buy a processor that is perfectly suited for a CF 7950? I mean, a CPU thats enough for CF without bottlenecks, because that could end up being the least expensive solution... I'm totally clueless right now