New Horyzen [Datacap warning]

Datacap warning, allthough if you are reading this, it is probably too late :stuck_out_tongue:

Partslist (
CPU - Ryzen 7 1700X
Cooler - Noctua NH-U12S (important: AM4 mounting kit)
Motherboard - ASRock Fatal1ty X370 Gaming K4
RAM - Corsair Vengance LPX 3200MHz 2x8GB
GPU - Sapphire R9 Fury
SSD - Samsung 850Evo 250GB
HDD - WesternDigital Black 2TB
Case - Corsair Carbide 300R windowed
Optical Drive - LG BluRay RW something something
PSU - Seasonic M12II 750W

Now for the build log:

Stripped down case:

Unpacked PSU:

Harddrives and trays:

Now for the mainboard. Comes with a load of stuff:


Installed Ryzen!

Testfit of the cooler. At this point, I went through rage, self-doubt, doubt in Noctua, etc.

Then I remembered the kit I had laying just to the side

So I went to remove the default mounting bar from the cooler:

And installed the parts provided by the AM4 kit. Then I testfitted again. Everything lined up.

Little game. Which of these three tools is provided by noctua?

The top one is my screwdriver, the bottom one is an ikea tool.

Mainboard with CPU, Heatsink and RAM:

And then the shit hit the fan. Between the picture above and the one below are roughly fourty minutes of doubt. Turns out I had not clicked the bottom right corner of the IO-shield in all the way, DERP!
Also: Beautyshot of my R9 Fury taken from my old rig

Time for some cable-cluttering!

And mostly done (I will wonder later why the front panel USB headers donΒ΄t work DERP!):

Behind the motherboard tray:

During the second boot. Notice the plugged in front panel USB connector:

And done:


They provided the middle tool.

Why did you choose this case over the others?

Nice build log.

I like the case, but not the window. The windows with the vent holes for fans always looks janky to me. Give me a nice clean sheet of acrylic any day of the week.

Planning on doing any overclocking?

I needed a cat-proof case, so no plastic parts on top and front facing IO and powerbutton (else it might result in broken USB drives or shut down machine).
The window is there because it saved me 20€ over the closed variant. Might mod it one day.

Overclocking will be done after the render benchmarks are complete. Which they are now. Compared to my previous rig, I save ~75% time per render.

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Which benchmarks are you running and at what settings? Will you post the results? o,o

I ran Sony Vegas 13 with a 1080p60 30 minute video render heavy in GPU and CPU bound effects.
Heroes of the Storm is behaving slightly wierd, you have to assign cores and threads of one corecomplex to the game via task manager. Then you get between 60 and 120 FPS (depends on god knows what).
CinebenchR15 score: 1576
CPU-Z 1.79 Bench: 460 (single), 4130 (multicore)