New Computer Builder

Hi, I am new to the forums and i am planning on making my own PC. These are my components.

CPU- AMD AM3+ x8 FX-8350 $219   Motherboard-ASUS Sabertooth 990FX Motherboard R2.0 $209  RAM- G.Skill Ripjaws-X 16GB Kit (8Gx2) DDR3-1600 $79  Graphics Card-MSI Radeon HD7870 Hawk 2GB $289  Hard Drives-Seagate Barracuda 3.5" 2TB SATA3 HDD $100 Samsung 830 series 2.5" 128GB Solid State Drive$99  Optical Drive-ASUS DRW-24B5ST SATA DVD/CD Burner $24.99  Case-Thermaltake Chaser MK-I Full Tower$158
PSU-Corsair TX-650 V2 650W Enthusiast $115 

i also have a link 


The build.. its so wonky...

Hmm, is this for gaming? I could whip together a $1k gaming build for an Australian fellow like yourself in little while when I get a moment.

If its not for gaming exclusively, please list the applications you are likely to want to use and I'll see if I can't tune this better to your needs. 

Hi, I'm new here too! :) Great to hear you are building a pc

First thing I notice is that the ram could probably be cheaper.

It's rated at 2400mhz when as far as I know (someone chime in otherwise) your motherboard only supports up to 1866mhz.

Probably not a massive cost difference, but still.

Quick question. What is the computer going to be used for? That will give us a better idea on what to focus on.

I think its a good build for all round use, its got all fast/newer hardware, but the CPU hasnt got any reviews because its just released and its a 50/50 chance its good.

And change ram to 1600mhz 

it is for all round use. i want to get into 3d rendering and video editing aswell as i will be gaming on this. would you be able to discuss the things of which are wrong or so on? I would like to know the problems so I can understand in future reference 

thanks i will change my ram. ahh its going to be mostly for gaming and 3d rendering. i would like it for all round use though.

The CPU has plenty of reviews... you just have to look.,3328.html



Please discuss it with me

I forgot to change my details the ram I had written was from when I was first making my build and I changed it some time ago it is now g.skill ripsaws-x 16gb dual channel ddr3 1600

i would like ideas on my power supply because i am not entirely sure what to go with. in the future i may go to crossfire the card. what wattage would you suggest so i do not have to upgrade in the future. Would modular be a good idea? 

i have had some hate for my cpu but i want my computer for the use of everything and it has the nesessities of what i need. also in the future i will add a after market heatsink so i can do overclocking.

my SSD is for my OS and some games and applications. i am aware that the OS needs at least 20GB free to run properly. again in the future, i will add an extra SSD just for my OS in the future.

another thing is my video card. i am not entirely sure on it. i had a discussion with a few people about this. i was told to either get a GTX 660 and i was thinking of the MSI Twin Frozr III OC 2GB but then again there was the Radeon 7870 in which i chose the MSI Radeon HD7870 Hawk 2GB OC. i would like some help on this.

i am not buying a disc drive for a few weeks as i have a sata drive already but it isnt a burner. I have changed my RAM to 1600MHz but it costs the same and i would like to stay at 16GB.


Cloud could you tell me of some Australia sites, I've only got around to find cheap/reliable UK sites have had much Australian builds

doesnt that CPU benefit quite alot from faster ram?

the RAM is fast isn't it? My board doesnt support much higher MHz in ram





Cloud could you please help me?



Sure, you want me to go over the build?

Give me a few minutes. 

ok thankyou and tell me the problems

Here are my opinions, in no particular order:

Case - You are spending far too much on this case, as a general rule of thumb, never spend more than 10% of your build cost on your case. Many other cases have similar features and better build quality for a fraction of the price.

PSU - You poor ausies pay way too much for PSUs... I'd be more conservative and go with a 500W 80+ bronze PSU, if you want to leave room for a possible xfire in the future, I'd honestly just get a better GPU now instead, less power consumption in total anyways. If you REALLY want to leave room for Xfire,  then trim low to a 600W or maybe even a 550W PSU, chances are it will run just fine on that.

OS - If you really want to pay for an OS you can... There are completely legal ways of running Windows 7 for free, or possibly many packaged deals you can pickup that will get you a copy for like $30.

GPU - With the $ you save from some of the things you're over spending on, you can just to an HD 7950 which will give you a solid boost in performance. 

Storage - I'm fine with the SSD, perfectly good device. Again, I'm gonna side on being more conservative with the HDD, a 1TB Caviar Blue drive will do you just fine, if in the future you really need more space, add another drive then.

CPU Cooler - Your utter lack of an aftermarket CPU cooler is bad, if you have an FX chip you're going to want to unlock its overclock potential. Even a fairly cheap cooler will give you loads of OC overhead.

Memory - I really don't think you'll need 16GB of memory, 8GB is more than enough most of the time. And yet again, this is something you can add more of later. Also your board can support much faster memory than 1600MHz, I have the same board and its running 2133MHz memory at the moment. Faster memory won't help with games but can definately help in editing and media heavy applications.

CPU - Well... If this system were just for gaming I'd tell you to get an i5 2500k, but if you plan on doing heavily threaded tasks like rendering and editing... I suppose this is a good choice. As long as you can justify the chip then its fine to go for it, check the reviews I posted to see if the FX8350 out performs the i5 2500k/3570k in the applications you plan to use.

MoBo - This is an awesome motherboard, but its also total overkill. A number of the thermal and stability features won't be really made use of by the fact you don't have a $100 cooler for the CPU and you aren't planning on going completely insane with the OC. In summary, great board, with a bunch of features you won't use. Could get similar features and quality from other boards.

With all that said, heres a build I would probably recommend over yours (though its similar).

May want to grab an extra 200mm fan to throw in the top there, or alternatively you could end up going with something like the H100 cooler and that would use the top 200mm fan slot on the case. Also, I know the mobo doesn't list support for the memory, but it should work with some tweaking and perhaps a BIOS update. If not, you could simply set the memory to 2000MHz and crank down the timings to make the memory go just as fast.


i Dont have a real spending limit although i would like to keep it under $1300.

RAM - i would like to keep it. i know i dont need it for games and so forth but i know i dont have to worry about running into any compatibility problems.

CPU Cooler - i do have an idea for one but i didnt add it to my list its a Thermaltake Frico OCK and thats around $75

HDD - yea i suppose you are right about it but the 1TB caviar blue in australia is only $10 cheaper than the 2TB barracuda so unless the barracuda is untrustworthy, it might be cheaper to get the barrcuda.

GPU - um well i was aiming to spend around $270 at most and this card went over my budget. i was recommended a MSI TF III GTX 660 and that was right in my price range but then i went crazy and got the HD7870 Ghz edition so would you think the GTX would be the way to go insted?

PSU - Any ideas on the types? like i understand you with wattage but i dont know a good one. i would preferably want a modular. what do you think?

Case - oh i know but i wanted it to look like a monster and i have already bought it. in fact its right next to me now.

CPU - i am happy that someone can finally agree with me

MoBo - i like it. its had good reviews and everyone likes it.

i want a future proof computer even though i have went a little overboard with my stuff but still