New AMD omega driver

Hello All


For the AMD GPU users out there i have to report EXCELLENT improvements with this new AMD omega driver release on Dec 9th 2014.


I have a quad-fire setup, 7990 + 2x7970 ..


For the games i play i saw these improvements.


Dragon age inquisition:  Holding solid 60fps (vsync cap) @ 3240x1920 resolution at full ultra..  Up from about 45 FPS.


Skyrim (heavily modded with a intensive enb) :  up from 45fps to about 95+ ...  a 100% improvement


Lichdom battlemage: another 100% improvement ... this game can still use alot of optimizations imo. a single GPU is about 15-20FPS on ultra and i get about 55FPS with 4 gpu...


.....    Thank you AMD, this driver was fantastic.


In non-gaming related news... the new AMD video up-scaling is pretty damn cool also.


Watching 720p or 1080p videos from HDD or Internet they get up-scaled and rendered . pretty significant visual improvement. Not quite the 4k comparison im sure amd was going for but still much better than native 1080p stretched to 4k.


remi lafo.

I haven't seen anything, and i have 7970x2 - simply loss of few (1-5) fps in all games. Same on 290x setups. Your gains are most likely due to updated frame pacing.

oh thats a shame, even on single gpu games i saw an improvement albeit minor. How did you lose fps?


Whats your cpu/mobo?


I use a asus rampage iv black edittion with a 4820K..


Remi lafo

3D Mark not approved ;)

Thats pretty awesome, will try out tomorrow. Hopefully they bring in their own version of MFAA next or put SMAA injection through CCC. Would be cool too see benchmarks comparing the AMD cards now to the nvidia cards.

Hey so I have the R9 290 Sapphire OC and the latest drivers, 14.501.1003.0 (Omega), and for some reason my screen keeps cutting off. Just goes black, and when it comes back on it says the video drivers have failed. Thoughts?

Running 3x 970s. Didn't see any improvements :{

It seems results are mixed, tweaktown reported large decreases in averages largely across the board, which is clearly BS. Whilst Anand tech reported similar results to improvements of ~7% which is reasonable, although they didn't test many games nor did they do multi-gpu tests.

I wonder who paid Tweak-Town to clearly and blatently lie about the results, they even 'did the benchmarks several times to make sure'. No one releases drivers that are litterally >10% worse in performance and massively publicize it as being the next best thing since sliced bread.... Infact releasing drivers which decrease performance is just a no-go overall.

Is this when you install it? You can download a driver cleaning utility from Guru3d for removing GPU drivers. When you run the application it tells you that it should be in safe mode and gives you the option to reboot into safemode and run it there. When you clear the drivers out properly you should restart your computer, again into safe mode and install the omega driver in safe-mode.

This might fix your problem.

yea I got a 4% gain on 1 and 7% on another, but these are software benchies.

Playing The Crew and before the driver it was 30 fps in busy cities with 4x MSAA and 50 outside them. After driver update 45-50/in busy cities and 60 (exceeding the cap) everywhere with the AA on.

On a 290. I would say it is one hell of an improvement.

Edit: everything on highest except for DoF and Motion Blur, I don't like them so I turned them off. AA is broken and super taxing in The Crew so this is good indeed. With the AA off it is 60 everywhere all the time


Uhh can't wait to try the new driver. Will report tomorrow...

With a 290X I noticed ARMA 3 plays substantially better. 42 - 61 FPS on Ultra 1080p with Omega, when I was getting 26 - 33 FPS with 14.9. Haven't really tried any other games so far, but it works on ARMA, so I'm happy.

These are no formal benchmarks, but I've played Tomb Raider 2013 before and after the Omega drivers:

14.9: Maxed out at 1440p, except no TressFX and Level of Detail set to normal with 2xSSAA. Still a bit of hitching here and there, but playable.

14.12: Completely maxed out at 1440p, WITH TressFX and LoD set to ultra with 2xSSAA. Hitching is gone, more consistent framerate (maximum went down but minimum went up).

With 2 R9 290s in CF, played the same segments of the game (the ones where I always got a bit of hitching and stuttering before) a noticeable improvement for me. That said, Metro Last Light still doesn't run that well (Nvidia optimized so whatever) and CoD AW runs way better as well (also crossfire seems to work now).

thanks ill try that right now.

Is it the Vapor-X version - if so you may have a dud card. I had ordered one for work a few weeks back and it did the same thing out of the box on 3 different systems. A little research showed me it was a know issue with some of those specific cards. New drivers might fix it, but i ended up having to RMA. Good news was the replacement works fine.

Every time i install this driver it tells me that there is no driver installed or the driver isn't functioning properly. and while playing games or videos it acts like it would without a driver, which makes games literally unplayable. I don't know what i'm doing wrong. In case your curious I have a radeon 7850

Its not the vapor-x, its the tri-x oc edition.

Try doing what I suggested Dynamic does

Well, down loaded it and installed without a problem. Gaming on it now inside a mmo. Seems to have improved the overall smoothness and look of the game. I have not benched it yet but i have noticed that my fraps are not as high.