Never Leave a GPU Behind

So I left my graphics card while i was out of town and i got i nice surprise when i got home.... :/

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This is the Imgur Album

what chewed it? lol

Oh nothing chewed it, someone bashed it on a wall and tore it to shreds or something i really have no idea, I took it out of the box i was storing it in like this today. And it had only been in the box for 2 weeks while i was out of town.

It was probably my moms deadbeat boyfriend.
At least I moved out... :/

Looks like someone used it as a bottleopener......that poor thing :(

Goodness me. Sorry for the loss .

Yea I think cremation is something that must be done to honor this card.

I mostly want it gone because I'm still quite frustrated that this happened in the first place.

Honestly that wouldn't surprise me..... 😞

newegg shellshocker has a 970 up today.

Comes with witcher 3.

What ate that piece of the PCB? LOLS

I'll probably have to wait a while for an upgrade, I'm a poor student. And I can only play games on the weekends anyways.

+gta v was really the only game I was looking forward to


+the force of someone throwing it....

What do you think you will replace it with.

I'm using a 8800gt right now... It kinda artifacts in games tho

I'll get something in a month of two, I'm in the job corp (just came home for a couple days) so I only make 25$ every 2 weeks.

But I get to finish my education and live away from home, so I got that going for me

thats not bad, I left 6990 and 2x 6970's running (crunching numbers) for a week and went to greece.

Guess what happened? 6990 pretty much melted in half and burned one of 6970... I was stunned the PC was still running with BSOD... and last temps recorded on 6990 were 139'C ...

Lesson learned.... Never leave gpus unattended. 😕

It was in a anti static bag in side some closed cell foam.

Then how the heck did it get damaged.

Someone took it out, had there way with it. Then they put it back.

That's pretty terrible I would kill if if someone did that to my gpu.

ah dude that sucks. at least you gave it a nice memorial :D