Network card for Proxmox?

I’m still very new to Linux, but through a lot of trail, error, and frustration I got a Proxmox setup going and we are actually using it at this point in the house.

However, since it’s been in official use it’s been getting these network errors where the onboard nic gets completely reset. This seems to only happen when multiple people are doing something with the server at the same time. I’ve asked about this in the small linux issue thread (seems like an intel nic driver issue) and did try some changes I found online that worked for other people, but so far it’s made no difference. Link with more info if interested:

The system is:
Gigabyte ga-z97-dh3

I’m at a point where I just want this to work and 1Gb network cards are kinda cheap.

I’m looking for some recommendations for network card that should have no issues working with Proxmox VE 7.0.


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