NES Classic replacement

As we all know unless you have a bottomless wallet and huge nostalgia boner the NES Classic is nearly impossible to get ahold of. So my question is, outside of using an htpc with and emulator is everyone pretty much agreed that a Pi3 model B with retropi is the best alternative or is there some other option I'm just not thinking of?

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Think its better to use this thread since its pretty new and covering same. The discussion in it i mean.

If you don't want to go out and buy a PI or other variant you can just make a VM on an existing computer or load emulation software that's available. But it's not as portable as a PI it NES calssic

Honestly, if you have some level of patience (as hopefully indicated by the lack of "huge nostalgia boner"), I'd say just wait a couple weeks and get the NES Classic.

Stock is low right now, that is partially due to low production (not really super low, but low for the actual demand). The other reason is hoarding by re-sellers (guys with a couple hundred in their house trying to flip them). Here's the thing, the NES Classic is worth $60. That is a great price for it. $100+ is not, and most people interested in this realize this. So, here is what I see happening:

Resellers will hoard and hold onto the NES Classic at high prices until after Christmas with hopes of getting people desperate for it as a Christmas buy. After that time, buying typically goes down, but maybe they hold out for those ready to spend some Christmas cash (though, in the older market, I'd expect people to have less money at that point, but whatever). After a bit, if they find they still have a bunch of the systems that aren't selling, they will start to get anxious and not want to hold onto it very long, especially knowing more stock is coming during a lower buying period. So, you should start to see prices creep further and further down from them, while at the same time more and more stock will come in through normal retail routes. The lower selling and lower price points will discourage resellers from picking up more, so more will be easily available at retail. Soon enough, the prices will normalize back to around $60, and it shouldn't take that long.

Then again, I could be completely wrong. Maybe those resellers are actually selling out of all they get pricing at $200, and maybe someone is still buying at that price after Christmas, or they are to set on getting the price they want that they will continue to create artificial scarcity to keep prices up or whatever and try to wait us all out. I doubt it, but who knows? In that event, it may take 3 or so months for it to be readily available, so that requires just more patience.

ZSNES and a rom site bam not 300 dollars.