Need opinions on my new PC Build

Here is the PC I have put together:

Is there anything on this list I could change to make it cheaper while getting the same performance? I will mainly be playing GTA V.

I was going to go with the 9590 but i heard a lot of things about it over heating so i decided to stay away from it.

any and all suggestions for this build are welcome.

thanks for your time

also is there a way to get windows 10 cheap? like would i be able to buy windows 7/8 for a lot cheaper then update to 10?

Under the circumstances of moderate gaming. This looks really good. As someone with a 9590, I would recommend against them. Mostly because you need an OK aftermarket cooler, and a really good motherboard.
As to your build, I would say it looks a little cpu bottlenecked, for some games. However, your not going to find competition in that price range with Intel. You did a really good job, matching all the parts.
As to windows... I don't know, I have had a massive hate one for Microsoft since the first time I had to outright buy one of their products. You can probably steal one really quick on any sharing site. Not that I advocate that. Barring that, if your a student you can probably get a copy for free, just like what they do with Microsoft word.

should i go for that wraith cooler/fx 8350 combo amd sells? or should i just go with the cooler that comes with the normal one?

also is there any amd cpu's more powerful than the 8350 and less powerful than the 9590?
my suggestions are as follows get a real CPU cooler the 8350 is a great overclocker and that will help you to get your moneys worth. the Kingston SSD is really not great I changed it for a larger drive from PNY it won't preform much better but for very little change in $$ you get 2x the storage. Look into getting a 970 refurbished or open box this is save you a shinny penny and will still work just the same. Next, your Mobo choice is themed I get that, I like the looks of what you have done but 8350s overclocked and the much more hardcore 9590s will kill that board. Consider getting the Asrock extreme 9 or the Asus crosshair z instead. Lastly, the case you chose is kinda budgety, Consider a higher performing better made one or if you are feeling more spendy get like a Define R4 its only like 20$ more, or if you dont care about windows on the case get something like a DIYPC Silence

As far as your question about windows.

should i go for the wraith cooler/fx 8350 combo that amd sells? or should i go for another cooler?

The standard cooler will be fine. Maybe slightly loud, if you are running it at like 100%. (I run it at 100% often, because I record my gameplay and run allot of virtual machines.)

However it wont be really noticeable. I don't think you really need anything better. I was just trying to add a little bit of knowledge to my response.

Some people may say to overclock. I recommend against that. Overclocking this series of chips makes a very minute difference in speed, even when it is the bottleneck. The only reason to overclock them is simply because your an enthusiast, or bored.

here would be my build should net better performance and newer parts.

I disagree, Overclocking the 8350 to around 4.7 Ghz makes a fairly large difference allowing it to perform on the level with an I5 from Intel, on a 9590 which I also have overclocking is hard to do due to the amount of heat and makes less difference due to the relatively small amount of headroom left. The stock cooler will throttle a 8350 at full load and is super loud, In normal use that's not a problem but for synthetic benchmarks or encoded/rendering that is a big problem.
As a practical matter I just built a system that would perform on par or better then this one and for less money in a ITX form factor:
So consider something like that as well

A friend of mine has issues with the MSI 970 Gaming mobo.

One might argue that the 8350 is no lounger a great overclocker. An older one yes but the newer ones ? Mother board might be an issue. At stock it might be okay ? It is iffy. The newer 8370 E would be a better match with that mobo. Kingston doesn't have the best rep but maybe okay as long as you are not a benchmark junkie. Investing in a d-14 or 15 by Noctua ( or any of the highend aircoolers of the same class ) for any of the amd higher end processors is worthwhile. As far the gpu goes? 390 or x for that price range. Or wait for that next Nvidia or Amd gpus to drop.

Wow, nice. I didn't realize Intel boards could be had for under $100 nowadays. In this case, I would recommend your build of an AMD system, also nice call on the Fractal case. However as much as I like a nice case, I would not recommend them for an entry builder, they detract from the idea of saving money by going custom.

Buying old fx hardware is not the best atm. If you insist that is fine but i agree with building new locked i5's as it stands.

get a 212 evo cpu cooler. best cheap cpu cooler. the expensive ones will get you a few degrees cooler but at 2-5 times the cost.

dont use that motherboard if you intend on overclocking. i suggest getting a asus sabertooth m5a99fx. it'll cost a bit more but will be much less likely to overheat and die.
their are some used ones on ebay and such for around 50$ if price is a problem.

also those kingstaon ssd's are bait and switch. get a muskin or Samsung.

and for your gpu the last .5 gigs is not gddr5 but a inferior ram. you may want to get either a better green card or comparable red card.

Personally, I'd go with the r9 390 for the GPU as it's better than the 970 in most applications for pretty much the same price. You can get a cheap Windows 10 key on Kinguin as others have pointed out. For gaming this is a pretty good rig. If you wanted to keep costs down however I'd drop the 80+ rating of the PSU and go with something like the EVGA 500B.

Here is what I would go with.

As for regarding for your build I would suggest going with a 990fx motherboard to get the full performance out of your FX 8350 since pairing with that motherboard the MSI 970A Gaming Motherboard. By going with that combination that you expeirence your cpu core clocks to throttle due to the VRMS on the motherboard are not suited to be able to handle the power draw of the FX 8350.

A good point I never considered the E series of CPUs I figure they are the same just lower clock speed but if you are overclocking it does make sense as you can just put the clock speed up and you have the same part for less money. As far as a D-14-15 I would agree with you except the cooler i chose is brand spanking new and outperforms just about everything with a smaller form factor so i figured it would be fairly epic for a new builder.
For the Record while I like the Am3+ platform and the PC I'm using to type this is an 9590; I cannot recommend them anymore. Skylake is too cheap and you can overclock some non K parts on some Mobos, that and for storage Am3+ does a horrible job not even able to max out Sata 3. Go for the blue for the CPU maybe with luck Zen will do something till then AMD doesn't have one good desktop CPU.

What are your main goals with the system?
If its mainly gaming, you might also take a look a haswell or skylake core i5.
Because i kinda agree with @Freaksmacker that a FX8 core build in general does not realy make that much sense to invest money on.
Unless you do certain workloads, in which those extra threads / cores of the FX8 cores realy come handy, like virtualization.

That is a sick little budget gaming build that will leave any new builder pleased :)

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