Need opinions on my new PC Build

@Freaksmacker @MisteryAngel @Tinman @MrChumps @ThatBootsGuy @fredrich_nietze @BigBrothersBinary @shadowvengence22 Thanks for all the suggestions! Here is my updated build list:

-I went with a cheaper PSU cause the one I had before was unnecessary
-I went with another MOBO that costs a little more but it should go better with the CPU
-I went with a smaller SSD because I intend to use it mainly as a boot drive and I can upgrade later if needed

Any other things you guys would suggest? Also thanks for the help on this, this will be my first build ever and my friend is also going to get an identical system because we both want to use our computers for the same things

I also heard that the CPU is a bit of a bottle neck, should I go with that one processor that is more powerful than the 8350 but less powerful than the 9590? I was going to go with the 9590 but I heard a ton of issues about over heating and having to have fancy cooling systems and I just want to stay away from that

8350 is fine, at worst you'll loose a frame or three vs a processor that cost twice as much.

you're better off spending the money on a better cpu cooler as the stock one is shit. amd has a new stock cpou cooler thats much better, but it's not coming out till zen.
better cpu cooler=able to overclock much much better then stock which struggles with keeping non overclocked cpu's cool=much better performance.

what cooler would you recommend?

for cheap a 212 evo
if you want quiet + best air cooler in the world performance
and for water cooling

I would suggest going with my build with the i5 4460 and the R9 390. It's cheaper than your current build and you can use the stock cooler on the Intel side than on the AMD side which would sound like a jet plane taking off.

im going to go for an aftermarket cooler for my amd build

also, does the case that i picked out come with fans? if not, what fans should i buy?

For a CPU cooler I would recommend for Air a Scythe Mugen 4
It is a very strong performer for the money and is much more powerful than a 212 evo for only a little bit more money.
If you want to go with a AIO water cooler which is worthwhile on the CPU grab the arctic cooling liquid freezer 120mm or 240mm they are some of the best performing on the market and cost much less then the competition. The 120mm will fit in that case easily and is rated up to a 300 watt TDP. thats craziness for a 60$ cooler.
As far as case fans it looks like it only comes with one in the back. don't worry, you don't need anything too fancy. I really like to use Silverstone AP 122 fans they are cheap, quiet, and perform really well. They are focused airflow so adding one (or 2) to the front fan spots will really help feed cool air onto your GPU.
Something like that would be a killer system though I still think you would be much better served with a Skylake i5 based system. Lastly, not sure about you power supply choice it should be ok but you may want to get a better one.

agree especialy in GTA5.

Concur ! Buying and building new, it is just best practice to get the the latest intel budget offering. You fair better in the long run. 6500 non k and a modern h170 mb with the usb 3.1 and the latest highspeed m.2 abilities. Building an 8350 right now is flushing money down the drain if your not running vms or pushing at its multicore abilities in some manner. If you feel the need to build AMD......................... Wait !!!! for Zen.

@Freaksmacker @MisteryAngel @Tinman @MrChumps @ThatBootsGuy @fredrich_nietze @BigBrothersBinary @shadowvengence22 After taking all of your guys' advice, i have an all new build with a i7 4790k, is there any on that list i should alter?

like could i go with a cheaper CPU and get an even better GPU?

or is the CPU way more than needed for what i need? ill just be playing gta v and other random games

almost forgot here is the new build list link

You have a k cpu on a non- k mb. Get non-k version of cpu or get the z version of the mb.

thanks i changed it to the non k version, do you think the 4790 is a bit overkill? i would like to save money where possible, is there a cheaper CPU that will still work great for playing GTA 5?

It will give it longer legs but keep this in mind. If you plan on using Win 10, windows plans on not supporting anything older than skylake in a couple of years. Your money is best spent building 6700 non- k with H170 with m.2 support and usb 3.1. Any of the skylake i5's should serve you well. I personally prefer more cores and threads myself. :)

Yes there are a couple of options you could concider.

You could look at a i5-4690K + Z97 motherboard for example.
That will save you a bit of money on the cpu side.

If you dont care much about overclocking, you could also look at a Xeon E3-1231-V3 on a H97 motherboard.
The Xeon E3-1231-V3 is basicly a locked i7 without igpu.

Another option could be, Skylake of course.
I5-6500 + H170 mobo for example.
6600K + Z170 board if you like to overclock.

Or another suggestion i have for you, but this is a bit of an un-usual one.

Xeon E3-1240-V5 which is a Skylake Xeon 4 cores 8 threads 3.5GHz base clock 3.9GHz turbo boost, paired with an Asus E3- pro gaming V5 motherboard which is a gaming board based on C232 chipsets to support skylake Xeon's.
Of course you wont have overclockability, but its not a bad choice.

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@MisteryAngel @Freaksmacker here is the updated build, i decided to go with a i5-6600, i would go with the 6700 but it was getting in the price area of what i wouldnt really want to spend. would this new build play gta 5 well? with some mods a long with it?