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Need help.. wondering if i made the right choices

hello everyone… im very new here and i hope i’m posting in the right place. I’m trying to put together a pc build. This will be my second build overall, but i’m coming from an Intel I5-660K and want to switch over to AMD. I primarily will be gaming on this new pc and use it for surfing and research on the internet as well. I have 3 monitors total that i have hooked up to my Nvidia Evga gtx 1070 sc… A 34 inch acer predator 3440x1440 100hz witch i will use for gaming and 2 24 inch 144hz monitors that i will use for information… i have come up with this build so far just to upgrade the components in my current case (phanteks) atx tower… please any help or advice would be appreciated. i’m currently not overclocking because i have no idea how to but want to learn… i’m also looking to run the build at 1440 on very high to ultra settings when gaming, but this is the build i have come up with i have extra ssd drives on my current pc as well… any advice is highly appreciated. thank you in advance :slight_smile:

my new build
AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 3.6 GHz 8-Core Processor
ASRock X570 Taichi ATX AM4 Motherboard
G.Skill Ripjaws V 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-3600 Memory
Crucial P1 500 GB M.2-2280 NVME Solid State Drive

sorry for the text I was not allowed to add links to my build

Do you have a budget?

Not sure what sort of advice you’re looking for…

You’ll probably want to add a beefy air cooler (or AIO/liquid if preferred) to that list.

FPS gains going from an OC’d 3600 to a 3700x will be pretty minimal in most games - currently - but the 3700 will likely hold up better long term.

Great board - though possibly overkill if you don’t need the gen 4 pcie - you could get a decent OC on a Tomahawk Max for way less cash - at least on the 3600 (may or may not be worth OC on the 3700x - kinda already OC’d).

IMO if youre just doing gaming then you can easily use an R5 3600 with an MSI B450 Tomahawk motherboard (x570 is overpriced id youre just gaming), also 3200Mhz ram will do you just fine and I dont think theres any benefits to anything higher than 3200 in terms of gaming performance.
With regards to your storage choice; NVME is not going to benefit game load times and will only benefit people rendering large files.

to me, spending more doesnt usually make a huge difference

thank you so much for the reply… About budget, im looking at about $1,000 USD. I do have a cooler master on my i5 processor, that i’m just going to swap onto the new AMD cpu. I’m looking to not cause bottleneck, because i’m sticking with my evga gtx 1070 gpu for now. i have no idea how to overclock, that’s kind of the reason i want to go with the 3700x. and maybe learn to o.c so i can mess with that. if it doesn’t make a difference id consider the 3600. I would like to go with the x570 mobo because i feel that it would be easier to upgrade with parts as new things come out like the pcie 4

Thanks for the reply… i’m definitely considering your advice. im coming from and i5-6600k cpu and im just new to the world of AMD… is that 3600 and upgrade over something like an i7 9700k?

The R5 3600 is slightly behind the i7 9700k with regards to 1440p gaming performance, but for the AMD CPU to cost $199 USD and being 10fps (average) slower VS the $370 USD Intel cpu; its definitely a better buy (better since it has more threads to work with incase you want to stream or edit videos later on)

and what about if i want to upgrade my GPU to a RTX 2080 super FTW3 … would the 3600 cpu be a bottleneck for that card?

so something like this? or with that same GPU

No it wont bottle neck a 2080ti as far as I am aware, and the motherboard needs to be a MSI B450 tomohawk max. it comes with a bios ready for a zen2 processor to be put in (since B450 is meant for zen+)
Also I dont trust cheap NVMEs just yet so justget a normal Sata III M.2, And 3200mhz ram will work just as well as the 3600, after 3400 its diminishing returns for the extra you pay.

props for keeping the system for 10 years dude

question: Do you want this system to last about that long too

with Ryzen it boost itself to pretty much to the clock ceiling, you have to really put some time into it to get the all core tuned and gennerally not worth it

id be using a 2080 super tho

my point exactly, it will handle anything lol
bottlenecking from what ive seen over the years happens when something made years before or after is mixed with other hardware that is also made years before or after it was made. hard to bottle neck expensive parts, only bottleneck is like pairing an athalon and a 2080 super

hmm so id be better off just getting the 3600x over the 3700x ?

ohhh ok i understand… so id be better off with the R5 3600X and just pair that with a MSI B450 Tomohawk max MOBO and it should be fine? with 3200 mhz memeory?

and a 2080 FTW 3 gpu

games are starting to use more and more cores so I would go with the 3700X if you plan on using this Rig for just as lon as the last one you had

be aware that since Ryzen only typically goes to 4.2~4.3 it might not get you 144 frames in every game even though the GPU might be able to handle it

I would go with 3600Mhz RAM to best match 3rd Gen Ryzen

yes i kind of want to lean towards that as well for the future. i really want to go with that… i feel if i get the 3700x and a x570 mobo i wouldn’t have to upgrade for a long time… and i want to get max use out of my components

3600x has been shown to be just $50 more for the x, minimal difference performance wise vs the normal 3600

Going with that will make it better with the infinity fabric but depending on the cost and youre budget; 3200mhz is still a good alternative, up to you

I think he said it was 1000$, 5-10 years down the road it could really make the difference

Haven’t read everything here but wanted to point one thing out.

It is true that load times for games are largely unaffected by faster storage but that is not the main point of NVME on the desktop. The protocol allows for much lower latency and makes the daily use a lot more snappy. So, the notion that NVME will only benefit specific use cases is not quite accurate. For a game drive SATA is still totally fine though.

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