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Need help picking x399 motherboard for 128gb ram


Long story short, tomorrow morning, I’m going to head to microcenter, pick up all the parts I need for a build based around a 1950x and 128gb Ddr4. Yes, there are reasons for those selections.

What I need help with, is making sure I pick a motherboard that can make sure that it is stable. I don’t want to only be able to boot with 64gb. I don’t want to have to mess with voltages to get 24/7 stability.

These are the motherboards that my microcenter has available right now. Which is my best bet? Or should I go for some other board from amazon/Newegg?

If I don’t get any solid suggestions, I am leaning towards the designare. Also, obviously, price matters to some extent. But ultimately, I need 128gb more than I need a few extra bucks, unfortunately.


Basically all the boards you listed are decent except for the Asrock X399 phantom gaming6.
I would highly advice to skip on that one.

For the rest all those boards are pretty decent.

  • The Msi X399 MEG creation is a TR gen2 board which has a massively overbuild vrm, and is kinda overkill for a 1950X / 2950X.
    Of course overkill does not really hurt, but it kinda depends on if the additional features the board has too offer, are important to you really.
    Otherwise that board might be a bit overpriced for your needs.
    This board due to its massive vrm is mainly designed for the 2990WX powerhouse.

  • Asus X399 E Strix pretty decent board aswell decent vrm and comes with the ROG bios.
    Downside to me personally is the lack of a second nic.

For the rest all other board are pretty decent.
Asus boards have the best bios overall.


I still need to update this topic,
so not all the newer X399 boards vrm details are added yet.

But like i mentioned, pretty much all boards are decent for your needs.
I would personally just skip on the Asrock X399 phantom,
because that board has too much limitations wen it comes to pci-e layout.
And the vrm is also gimped.
For the rest just compair which board has the features you like for the best price.


Sorry for the late reply. I eventually decided on the aorus extreme. Later found out it was eATX, or at least it is wider than normal ATX, which threw a wrench into my case choice. So if I had to do it again, I would have gone with the designare, I think.
Regardless, the system is together and running like a champ.

And for whatever reason, the fan in the wraith ripper seems to come installed backwards, so I had to take it apart and flip it around. Doing that dropped load temps by about 8c. Wasn’t all that easy to do though.


Looks great, the Aorus Extreme should be a decent choice really.
I’m really currious about your experiences with their newest bios.
The Designare EX you talk about is E-atx also i believe. :wink:


I double checked just now because I might find myself needing to build another one of these soon. The designare EX is definitely ATX, so it should fit a much larger selection of cases, which helps me out a bit.

But as for the bios, I didn’t update it. It is one revision old, but was perfectly stable from what I was seeing. And when I checked Gigabyte’s website, I only saw updates that were exe, and this system will never be windows, so I just didn’t bother with it. Unless we see some sort of problem, I don’t think I’m doing to update it. But so far, all 128gb is detected, and capable of being loaded and wiped effectively, and the cpu runs cool/stable at load ~3.5ghz. So all looks good so far.


Sounds great.
Yeah no need to update the bios if the system runs fine.


They are all (jsut about) E-ATX it seems. that is primarliy why I went with the Asus Zenith Extreme Alpha. i figured if I am pairing the x399 mainboard with a 2990wx and 128GB, I should just go ‘big or go home’. Yes, a bit of bravado, but I figured I’d buy once, cry once on price. THe Asus ZEa offers a PCIE M.2 Card for two Nvmes which might really help as a high level cache for some operations. We shall see.


2990WX its better to go big yes. :slight_smile:


Something that I have noticed is that it seems that the settings in the bios don’t always stay. Might be related to losing power altogether to the machine, ie unplugging it. But I haven’t tested it all that much yet.