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Need a Monitor suggestion


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Yo guys, so my new rig is awesome, but my whole setup in general is still lacking. Aside from crackling old ass speakers, a busted ass desk that’s too small for my frame and in general, and an unergonomic chair and lack of headphones, my monitor sticks out the most to me as the next ‘big’ upgrade.

It’ll have to be a bit down the line, as I’m working on fixing my car right now, but still, defo looking to purchase within 6 months or so.

Now, I’ve exhausted all research possible, as I usually do, so I want you guys’ take on it. The PC is an R5 2600, 16gb, 1070 combo with a 1tb SSD and 2tb external drive(for movies only). It’s a gaming, web browsing, multimedia PC with future use as an HTPC when I get a TV and couch and all that for my studio apartment.

I really probably won’t be doing any streaming, editing, artwork, or any of that stuff, but there is a mild possibility. The bulk of its use will internet/youtube, movies, and games. I really want something extremely nice and future proof, and I’m a big fan of huge displays. At the same time, I don’t want it to be TOO hard to run on my rig (which will be upgraded in 2-ish years, perhaps?) but I want a greater pixel density than 1440x900 19" (which is ~90 PPI).

My main problem is that I’m stuck between getting either a wide or ultrawide, and having a big enough monitor with the right pixel density. 34" UW at 1440p is great, but I hear some think they’re too short, and prefer the newer 1600p 38" ones. That’s great and all, but 1440p UW will be hard enough to run, let alone 1600p. Not to mention that there’s apparently compatibility problems with some games and running a console through UW monitors?

On the other hand, having a 1440p 16x9 would be rather easy to run comparatively to either UW size, but to get the desired pixel density, I’m stuck at 27". And another problem in my eyes is the ultrawide movies that will get downsized to letterbox on the 16x9 when I watch them. ((For those who will say 21:9 content is hardcoded letterboxed and won’t work on an ultrawide or w/e, well, I have VLC media player and can manually set the played back aspect ratio, among other things.))

Goal settings for games are high or ultra, with minimum framerates at 45, and averages around 60+. I want the monitor to be at the VERY least 75hz, but preferably 100hz minimum. I also really like the idea of IPS since it’ll give a better overall look, so I’m gonna go ahead and say that’s a must, as well as at least 1 HDMI for a console or w/e. And it has to be Freesync, since Nvidia is now allowing Gsync on those, and Gsync monitors supposedly make AMD GPU’s run bad, and I may well go all matching in the future.

TL:DR I want a large display higher than 90 PPI, 75hz minimum (Strong pref for 100hz for LFC, don’t care for much more), IPS, Freesync, with at least 1 HDMI port. Usage is movies, YT, Websurfing, and Gaming, but not editing or anything. It will be my only monitor for a LONG time. And I don’t want to severely gimp my games to run them at 45FPS min, avg 60-ish. So should I go 1440p 16:9, 21:9, or just spring for the 1600p bigger ultrawides and futureproof for better hardware.


whats the budget?


I’d say “none” but then we’d get someone recommending me a $12,000 monitor. So, I’m gonna say $1300 absolute max, $950 or less strongly preferable. Totally willing to pay $650 for a monitor, though.

I also forgot to say I want to to have a low input lag. (the true input lag, not the gtg response time) Low as in sub 20, preferably sub 15ms.


I’d also prefer no curve, or, at least a very minimal one. I’ve heard some -what I feel for me will be- irritating things about curved displays. So yeah, that’d be the final caveat.


Care to expand a little on that? I’m curious.


Yeah, I read about a distortion in the picture on the curved portions when viewed at anything other than straight on, directly in the middle of it. I shift around quite a bit at my ‘station’ here at home, and when watching movies, I like to lean way back to be comfortable ((need a new chair, tho)) so I’d really rather not have any kind of distortion to the image, regardless of my angle.

And yes, I could always adjust the screen, but I only change my monitor’s tilt once a month or less, and that was before I realized my crappy chair was changing the backrest fore-aft (seat pan depth emulation) slider on its own accord due to my weight an a worn out tightening knob. Now that I’m aware of that, I just slide the seat back forward when I sit upright again, and I haven’t had to change my monitor tilt at all do to my past uncontrollable gangsta lean.


This should fit the spec, I have good experience with Acer gaming monitors.
I got the XF270HUA myself, which has similar specs to this one.


32" 1440p is nice I rock 2 of them


So you’re in the 16:9 camp, then? Or are you mostly reccing by price and personal experience?




Would not recommend ultrawide for gaming usedy wife 34" for a bit and it was just too wide same reason I stopped using my 43" I ended up with 32" and that is my sweet spot


16:9? I love the size suggestion, but I’m looking for a PPI upgrade from my current monitor, not staying the same. ~90 PPI is alright in Watch Dogs 2 with Temporal Filtering on and SMAA, but I’d like it to look even better and sharper.


Might I ask why? 21:9 for movies with VLC letting me set a custom playback aspect ratio would be begging for a 21:9 monitor. And racing games (my favorite genre despite not having a single racing game on PC) would highly benefit as well.

Not to mention I’d be able to throw up two windows side by side instead of constantly switching between tabs for things. ((I’ll be the first to admit that 7+ Taskbar Tweaker greatly dulls down the bite of this argument.))


If you think it’ll fit your use case, then you should go 21:9


They are good for productivity that’s about it


28" 3:2 is my sweetspot


Didn’t know that existed.


Hmm… Gotta juggle cost, then. IDK, IDK. From what I hear the new 38" ultras with high refresh rates are coming out soon, but that’s a lot of pixels to push, at least for my rig as is…

It would look SOO good, though, and be extremely immersive. But even MORE expensive than a normal ultrawide. So much so that it’s literally TRIPLE the cost of the above monitor. At least, the last versions of the 38" 1600p ultrawides were up there at launch, so I’d assume the high hz variable refresh rate ones would be as well, if not more so.

Did I forget to mention HDR? Yep, I forgot to mention HDR. I want a really premium setup, so yeah, HDR, high refresh, 1440p, freesync.


Sounds like $2000+ product to me