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Need a Monitor suggestion


I mean that 4k 120hz pannel was 2k so that kinda shows you what 1st gen top of the line stuff demands



I almost can’t believe how cheap that MSI is.


Having a 21:9, programms that can make use (eg Vivaldi or VisualStudioCode) make them a LOT better.

Like so

For gaming, depends on the game. When you do not like it, you can always set the game to 16:9 and take the black bars.


Can we talk a moment about performance please? If Gaming is a need, it highly depends on what you want to play!
For comparison: I game on a 1440p 144Hz Monitor with a 1070ti. I Games like Overwatch i’m able to hit around 144 FPS with Medium Graphics Settings. Any higher and we’re quickly dipping below 100 FPS.

So, determine what you want to do. Your 1070 is a great card, but won’t drive 4k Games at 60FPS. So, when you game, what games do you play and what do you want to get out of them? I firmly believe higher refreshrate over higher Resolution for Gaming. If you play for the Experience, Single-Player and only ever do it for your own entertainment, 1440p is notably sharper and can mean you need less AA.
If you want Multiplayer, Shooters or anything AAA from the past year or so, stick to 1080p. 1440p will be too much and scaling 1080p to a 1440p Monitor looks worse than native 1080p.

With that said, if you start from nothing my advise would be:

  • Get at least 2 Monitors if space allows. It makes the biggest difference.
  • Determine the screen size by the space available. I really, really like 27". Bigger can make you look around a lot. Nothing wrong with 24" though, if space is not limitless.
  • Determine if your 1070 can drive 1440p in the games you plan to play with the Framerate you want to have(with some performance to spare for future titles). If it does, 1440p is a major upgrade in terms of sharpness. If it doesn’t, 24" 1080p is still really nice. In Games the difference isn’t too big.
  • If at all possible, get a 144Hz or above screen for your primary. It’s the biggest improvement after getting a secon (or third :wink: ) screen.

I’d stay away from Ultrawide for gaming. Many Games don’t support it properly and you need basically 80% of the 4k performance for no gain in sharpness. The PPI on the 1080p Ultrawides is just to low to bother. Windows 10s Window Managment for a single screen is really laking. Getting 2 or even three Monitors is way better for productivity.


the 1070 is fine at 1440p 144hz and even when it cant quite manage theres freesync just about everywhere you look. 1440p is the sweet spot.


I agree that 1440p 144Hz is great and probably the best bang for your buck atm. I just wanted to share my experience, that my 1070ti is struggling, depending on Game. You won’t max out Settings in many Games.Overwatch isn’t even that demanding and i can’t go even to High on most Graphics Settings. Same goes for Apex Legends. Note, that my Monitor has GSync. So with my Settings i target 144 Fps in normal Gameplay. I dial it in, so that even in Situations where there is a LOT going on i don’t dip below 80 FPS. If you can deal with Dropping into the low 60s, you might be able to turn some stuff up.
Will it work? Sure, and it’s probably a great experience. But depending on Game you will have to do some tweaking to get it to play well. Most Freesync Monitors i’ve seen start at 48-50 FPS. So you will have to get consistently above that. All i’m saying is, don’t expect to run BF5 on Max Settings…


I play everything you’ve mentioned on my 1070 without issue at 1440p 144hz. I wouldnt bother with max settings even if I had a 2080ti because of how poorly games are optimized for input lag. I optimize for that first.


Might also be that the difference between the 1070 and 1070ti just isn’t as big. Plus some overclocking our Cards could actually be rather close in terms of performance. Haven’t tested a 1070 myself yet though.


I was under the impression a 1070ti is closer to a 1080 than a 1070 but I suppose what aib matters too. I have a strix. It does ok on that front. I’m usually somewhere between 1926mhz to 2100mhz (most of my time is spent at 2076) core and +180 memory offset. 120% power target. So nothing too crazy. What about you?


I’m at work now, but will make sure to check, once i’m home.


I nabbed a 27" LG ips with freesync & hdr (8bit+frc) for cheap ($300, retail 500 something) from Best Buy because someone returned it since the OSD hadn’t been set to English. I know you want larger and lean to 21:9 but thought I’d share my experience.

tl;dr check your local stores for returns.


I recently acquired the updated model of that.

It’s a really nice monitor.


Yeah, thinking about it again, I don’t really want to pay $1000 plus and such for a monitor. And I don’t really want it any harder to drive in games than it has to be.

I could do without game compatibility issues, too, and the extra width generally won’t be used right now, so, kinda the only reason I’d be getting an ultrawide would be movies, and maybe some games, particularly racing games, that I don’t even have yet.

Not to mention that eventually, I’ll have a projector for movies, so the PC will be ‘obsolete’ on that front by then, and I’m pretty sure the letterboxing for 21:9 movies on 16:9 isn’t near as bad as watching them on 16:10 like I am now.

So I think I’ll go with a low input lag, HDR, high hz, freesync, 10-bit/100% sRGB, 1440p, IPS 16:9 display with at least 1 HDMI input. In 27" size.


not high refresh


That would be correct. High refresh to me is 100hz or more. Also, I pretty much JUST stated I was opting for 16:9 27" with all the other stuff. I thought about and decided that I really don’t want to be paying $1000-$1500 + for a monitor. Way too expensive. That’s 4k TV money, y’know? Hell, that’s PROJECTOR money.

But I digress.


So, since my Win10 Installation is fresh, i’ve not yet applied any overclocks. My Zotac 1070ti is boosting up to 1683Mhz, as specd. It stays there pretty consistently.

I’ve also noticed, that above 144 FPS I seem to get into the CPU Bottleneck realm. So, anything using CPU while Gaming (Steam Downloads or such) impact performance. My i5 6500 might just be a little low for High FPS High Refreshrate Gaming. It’s working, but i’m certainly at the limit of what my CPU can handle. This also seem to only be affected by Refreshrate. Cranking Details and getting 60-70FPS lowers the CPU usage.


Hell, I’m so on the fence about this… :confused:

Although, recently, I’ve been doing a lot of work involving multiple windows and am feeling crowded by the screen space. So, once again, leaning more towards 21:9.

After playing some games, I definitely like max settings. I’m sure most people do and this sounds cliched, but still. GTA V is basically maxed out on my rig except 2 things. Grass quality (one step down, “very high”) and “extended draw distance” or something like that in the advanced graphics menu.

Game is amazing and I can maintain above 45-50fps in the WORST situations (out in the wilderness is worse than the city, funny enough.) and I almost effortlessly get 65-90fps average at 1440x900. I know ultrawide will be about 4x that resolution, or more if I go with a 1600p screen, BUT, I was already considering running games pillarboxed for compatability and performance, with the full ratio being used for movies and multitasking.

So, I ask, when will we be getting the higher refresh rate 1600p 38" HDR IPS freesync ultrawides, and how much will they cost?

Alternatively, what’s my best option for the above in 34" 1440p ultrawide?


I would consider two separate large monitors. Ironically i find the physical separation of two screens to be more productive than 21:9


Agree two slight smaller is better than 1 large and 1 small