Name your PC!

Hey guys, this is my second post in one day (also the first day of me joining) does that count as spam? haha


If you could name your computer, what would you name it? :D

I guess I would call mine stratos, like that word :P

but if it earns a different name thats fine.



woah its crazy how many people replied haha awesome names.

Welcome to Tek Syndicate!

Actually I used to name them after girls (I just do that now for my guitars), but recently I started naming my main system builds as SHODAN inspired by System Shock lol my laptop and netbook or M-SHODAN and M-SHODAN II respectively (M for Mini =p )

I named my NAS Skynet for some reason...

What would you name you system? You never mentioned your idea hehehe 

I have named my computer, it's called Hephaestus; next build will either be a Hades or a Poseidon.

I call mine the beast box because its uggly (cooler master haf xb case)

My desktop is called Decepticon. My laptop is called Lappytappy and my chromebook is called chrome. 


i'm gonna be the person with original names here:

manikyath-pc (main rig)

manikyath-srv (secondary rig)

manikyath-lap (main laptop)

hp-srv (server, apparantly an HP)

hp-lap (old laptop, appareantly also HP)

piece-of-crap (potatoe that sounds like a vaccuum, for DOS games)

Mine's called the Electric Lightning

Welcome to the site!

Anyways, being an English nerd, I have a long list of words I love.  I usually just pick one of those, or jump around a thesaurus until I find one that has the right feeling.

Most recent: Propensity

mine is called NightMare

That's funny, because i named mine Knight Mayor.

mine is just Valhalla

mine is named snow

+.5 internets if you can figure out why

My computer is called NeoGeo just like the system. I think I was probably the only kid in the late 90s who still played on this system. All my friends had SNES's, N64s, Playstations and Sega Saturns/Genesis. Still had fun times with this system playing King of Fighters '94. NeoGeo Gaming Console

Mine is named Guenhwyvar. If you know where that is from then i award you 1000exp.

Cuz Thermaltake Commander MS-I Snow Edition >_>

I didn't spend much time pondering about a name so I call my computer OBSIDIAN. I named it after my case.

i'm a creative genius aint i

by the way 1/2 internet is only worth a meme with the punchline cut off

I named my Build Thanatos. +1 for anyone who can guess which game i got it from.

I named my computer Cobalt.

 +10 if you can figure out why