My thoughts about the people of TekSyndicate and the community/forums after signing up

I had joined on August 6th and it's been about 7 weeks.

Since I have been coming here steadily I figured why not review my experience.

This being my 20th topic started, I have always had community interaction within all of my topics, as the community is very active and responds quite quickly, which I think is great. The first response to my topics from the community can be immature and troll-ish sometimes, but oddly enough, the community only latched on once to continually troll one of my topics until it was closed by a moderator. In most forums today it's hard to find that not happening all the time. The fact that 1 out of every 20 topics I have posted thus far has been polluted like that is a really good ratio which tells me that this community takes their community seriously most of the time.

I have also helped quite a few people out with tech issues and they have all been polite. In most forums people usually don't even respond with a 'thank you' or anything like that after being helped out. Here on the otherhand people are given more immediate respect which I think is great.

One of the most sincere things I have noticed is the interaction between the people who run the site and the community. They are genuinely nice people. They actually take the time to comment within their own site to their own community. I can't even count how many times @Logan, @DeusQain, or @wendell (or even a moderator..still trying to learn who everyone is) has taken the time to actually communicate to the community. I have been to websites where the forums are literally a free-for-all and just a polluted joke with no care at all. To me this shows professionalism and appreciation for what they have created.

All in all this is a great website and a great community of underrated intelligent people. I haven't seen any topics or threads about anything illegal or illicit in nature (and I have been coming here steadily after signing up too). This is a genuinely legal site with genuinely smart and polite people who don't promote any sort of illegal activity which is fantastic. It feels pretty darn good to be around smart people who enjoy life and just try to make things better for everyone else.

Cheers everyone


That's been my experience too, it's a really great community.

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Thank you I prefer to lurk I'm a lurker


Yeah most people are generally pretty good here. You have a better time with topics than I do as well xD my topics don't gather much interest but I expect that.

I've seen people here from pretty much every technical oriented interest/profession around on the forums here at some point, and not to forget all the artistic people here too. Lots of interesting stuff.


^ this guy gets it


I've only been here a short while myself, but his does indeed seem to be a place filled with genuine people.

yeah, we do get a bit silly sometimes, but usually we're pretty good about things.


I just like the fact that people are willing to discuss whatever. If you're looking for tech stuff or to discuss the merits of ninjas vs vikings (vikings all the way) or want to see photoshops of @logan riding a variety of souped up AMD tractors, then this is the place for you. And best of all, people will do with with a laugh and a smile.

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What Tek Syndicate has, that other places don't ... Is a group of people that care about the quality of our community. As far as I've ever been able to tell, it's not about how many members there are here it's always been about the quality of the experience.

This concept stretches from here at the user/member level all the way to the top of the chain with Logan and the rest of the gang, basically everyone here feels the same way about it. What it has created is a unique and amazing place for many minds to come together and express their thoughts.

I don't think I speak for just myself when I say that I'm proud to be a part of what we have here, kudos to everyone from the Tek Syndicate Staff, and the members alike for creating such an awesome place.


Glad you are having a positive experience, what other forum has people actually make threads based on how awesome the forum is? That alone tells me the people here are doing something right.


One thing I appreciate about TS is the lack of fanboy-ism. I mean sure someone with a strong opinion might get a little arrogant once in a while.

As a whole the amount of neutrality, chillness here is exceptional.

Thank you for making this awesome thread.
We realy appreciate it wenn people share their thoughts and opinnions.
its nice to see that you enjoy the community.

We definitely take our community seriously, and we all working hard to make this an awesome place for everyone.
Positive feedback like this, is also a big motivation for us.
We are all passionated and we care about the quality of our community.


Thanks for the love, haha. I feel exactly the same. This is the only forum I use at the present time. Will most likely stay that way.

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Agreed on all accounts. @Logan, @DeusQain, and @wendell have created a really great community. The few times I have asked questions instead of lurking people have responded so fast. It's freaking awesome, and honestly a resource I should use more often.

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That's probably why this is the only forum I visit right now. Everyone here is super polite. I can't help but feel intimidated with how much more knowledgeable than me everyone else is. I mostly lurk because of that.


I often have to help family, friends and co-workers with various pc problems. If I can't help due to lack of time or knowledge, I used to have a handful of forums to send people, but over time each one has burned me or them except one, this one. People here are genuinely helpful. I can't remember running into a troll here, I've heard of it, but never witnessed it myself. To the best of my knowledge the mods here are friendly and vigilant, I would dare say anti-trolls (or would Gruffs be a better term.) Hell, one person so far has been more helpful to me by direct and indirect help was @MisteryAngel. Her spelling is not the best but honesty and willingness to help should have granted her some awards here and there (provided she isn't already getting them.)
The community here is also vary diverse on what you need help with. Build a server, there a forum threat and people with help. Need help picking hardware or software for whatever they need, it's here too. Thanks to @Logan's music stuff I'm suggested a few people to look up the forums to help them with that too. And what's best is it's actually advice, not "Do this because we know what's best for you," that I've received from a number of other forums.
When it comes to what I watch on youtube, Tek syndicate is a never skip, I can't say that for other groups. (Which reminds me, what is it with TS, Paul's Hardware, Awesomesauce, Hardware Canucks, LMG, Jay's two cents, and Austin Evans? As I've seen it they all work together, why not share the banner? meh, might just be me and my over analysis.) I love @wendell's guides, his goofiness aids to keep interest for the ADD types (or at least for me anyway.) No matter how long winded the guide is, it's both entertaining and informative.
I may not always be on the forums checking and helping as much as I'd want, but I know if I or someone I know needs help, this is the place to start.

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I have been here myself for about a year I guess. I do agree with your thoughts. I am usually the one, who asks questions and reads other topics. but mostly doesn't help, since I'm not that good at tech in general. There are a lot smarter people here.

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yeah i agree the community is straight forward and honest and we all accept opinions shouted on here.. its awesome.

Yes this is a great site with great people..There can be an influx of trolls like people every now and then, but that is normally when they are have some sort of giveaway..I mean who gives away a car to someone..Logan that's who..Oh and delivers it..
I mean even my mom watches the show..Or when I talk to her about some goofiness going on on "the forums"..When I say "the forum/forums" she knows I am talking about here..

This is like my home and I am your green earwig from Beastmaster..
Sorry I am a little weird and also tired..
Edit: Oh and like my own home I rarely leave..Even when I sleep the lounge is normally pulled up..My sad

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This is what we pay for, as tek supports I guess.

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