My thoughts about the people of TekSyndicate and the community/forums after signing up

Agent: Have you seen the time Wendell?
Wendell: Rave:30? What even ... what is that? I don't understand!

I've had an absolutely fantastic experience with everyone on the forums since joining up nearly a year ago. The amount of knowledge floating around is so refreshing after using so much mental energy to troubleshoot problems for other people (day job is tech support). Also, when I was in college I thought my brain would shatter from all of the information I was getting. Little did I know that less than a year after graduating I would crave that information overload. I for one am extremely happy to have found that source with all of you fine people.

Additionally after having met a number of forum members at QuakeCon 2015, including Logan and Qain, I can say that my outlook on people in general has improved. There are plenty of people in our daily lives that embody "no hope for humanity". The people I have met, and the people I have interacted with here on the forums, don't come anywhere close to that statement. You guys are the exceptions, and thank God for that.

So not only do I feel like everyone here deserves a 10/10, you also have my thanks.

Thank you for being such awesome people. Live long and prosper.

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I know them feels, that shit is draining.

I do think it's one of the best tech communities out there. In any case, the administrators and the topics and opinions deeply reflect my values and beliefs. And if that tone and care for the community and societal health in general is reflected the least bit in the forums (which I think they are), in my opinion it already places it above most other tech forums.

Very well written, and since i'm in the same seat as you are, new to the forum and all, i can only agree with your points. And the most valid point for me is that people are, to a certain degree serious and not undermining all the work the above mentioned have done to create this platform. Big thanks to the community,

PS: i Looked at the youtube comments on the 12K video, and yes you do make a brief acquaintance with Ebola from it...

you my friend, have never been to the lounge, besides the lounge everything that you say is true

Oh shit i helped necro a thread

I love this community. Every time I need help or try to help others it's always received in the best manner possible. Even when providing information that counters someone else's argument or reveals new information on the subject that makes them change their argument it's been met with a "thank you" rather than a "fuck you" which is a really nice change. I hope that the Tek Syndicate community stays unpolluted and nice like it is right now.

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