My original music

I don't have vocals in it yet, I am still writing lyrics and vocals take a way longer time to put in than the instrument end for me.

New songs or song ideas will be added frequently.

Everything is downloadable, If you want to use my stuff publicly shoot me an email so we can discuss it.

Faded Hearts, My Trick, and Quietus are unfinished, they are just concepts at this point.



This sounds good! the drums in taking my time seemed a little off beat, i would try messing with those a little otherwise great Start.

If your ever in Buffalo and Need a Bass Player look me up

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Sounds good, keep it up.

Could I use these for video's? They sound great.

What kind of videos?

Thank you!

Taking my Time is written in swing time, so it may sound off if it's being counted against a straight 4/4 beat, but it is intentional. I live a world away... Weatherford Texas, but if I ever end up in the big apple needing a bass player I'll think of you.

Mostly gaming vids. Eventually I'll do vids on how to game in linux.

small world, I have friends in weatherford

Come by pizzahut in willow park, I'll make ya something special

Give me credit and send me a link to the vids when your done

next time I get out there, I might. got a buddy out there who calls himself "Sven" ...he is a crazy guy.

This stuff sounds really good! Like!

lots of crazy here in willow park, lol. are you going to Lansyndicate?

Wish I could; Right now im a member of "BrokeSyndicate"

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I'd like to go, but money is also an issue for me and I am afraid that since I am only 20 that having to sit in the non drinking area will not be nearly as fun.

I fixed that underage problem 10 years ago...just takes some patience.

Patience isn't my virtue lol

It wasn't with me either. Then before I knew It, I wanted to be 20 again.

I just wanna hit 21 and stay there