My new fire engine

I bought…
'81 American Lafrance Century Series
refurbished in 1992, pump replaced in '98
Detroit Diesel 8V92T Turbocharged two stroke v8
12.1L displacement, 1186 lb-ft at 1400rpm, 430 HP
Allison HT740D 4 speed automatic trans
1750 GPM waterous CSU single stage pump
Fully mechanical/pneumatic. no electronics anywhere.


With all the fires around the country, this might actually be handy for its original purpose again, lol

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this is how she looking now
iim also having to pull out the 3.5" tank to pump valve…

at least i can sit up underneath without hitting my head


I love it.

Do the sirens work?

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i think so… i haven’t actually tried the siren. the air horns do tho


oh, and I replaced the alternator. batteries alone go about 50 miles. 160A alternator.
easier than my explorer.

(the old one)


Is there a deck gun on it? Can you get a picture of the pump panel (where the engineer ‘turns the dials’ to send water and adjust pressure in the outlets?). Is that a Federal Q on the front? Can you post a picture of the cab (where the firefighters would sit in the jump seats?). Lastly, can you get a picture of the hosebed (where the “hoses on the top” go)?

Did you get any tools like a halligan bar with the engine?

(You might see from my avatar, that this thread might get me excited.)

no Q, I believe the fire department took it off before they sold it to the tech college. also no tools, not even hose wrenches.ill be getting hose from the local fire engine club that i’m a member of.


500 gallons?

1000 gallon tank. the original was a 2000GMP pump with a 500 gallon tank. it was refurbinshed in '92, where they added the enclosed cab. pump replaced in 96.


That’s interesting how it was open cab. I think the officer must have got lost in the second picture and ended up in behind the wheel, or something.

Are there two jump seats in the back?

yep, two scba seat, and fold down seats in the doorways

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yesterday,a bout all i got done was changing out the pistons for one door. it’s muggy AF out.


Cool, are they setup so the guys in the back are “riding backwards”?

yep. pretty sure they just installed some additional sheet metal, and left the interior the same.

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Watch your fingers! Dude that’s a cool thing to pickup.

facebook marketplace lol

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this is the inside of the cab


Those are so fun to drive!

I hadn’t driven a “big truck” until I got in the fire service. When I was learning to drive, the Lt. was like “You either floor it or don’t push on the pedal at all – all the way down or not at all!”

The steering wheel on the apparatus I drove was like that — big wheel and kind of “flat.” It had a TON of play in it!

Eventually they stuck me on a squad company… I think to keep me away from engineering lol.

(I’m guessing there’s a power switch on the floor by the door or something?)

yep. back, on the wheel well.