My monitor wont detect a signal from my hdmi to dp cable from my laptop

This is the KVM switch I got, it works with my PC when im using all display cables.

But when I use my laptop that only has a hdmi output, with a brand new “cable matters” unidirectional hdmi to DP cable, and connect it to the KVM switch input, the output will just say “no signal” on my monitor.

Is this a limitation of the switch? it says nothing on the store page about HDMI to DP cables not working. I feel like I wasted my money since my laptop wont work with my work workstation now. :confused:

Should I try another hdmi to dp cable, or a special HDMI to DP adapter?

You’re generally going to need an active converter to go from HDMI to dp, so that’s probably a good place to start.

I’m sorry about the inconvenience, you can get a refund through the Level1Techs store if it is within the return window, or an adapter should work if not.

HDMI not converting to DisplayPort is a very common issue, not just for KVMs, but in general, and that is why we don’t advertise it. You can convert it, but that isn’t what L1T assumes you’re going to try to do since it’s a DisplayPort KVM.

Club3D is a good brand:

be aware though your DisplayPort will go from 1.4 to 1.2. This is a reduction in bandwidth. So instead of [email protected] you’ll get [email protected] or 30Hz.

We have even more information in our KVM FAQ Guide here on the forum. For more information about cables, you can go to the cable-related sections:

Thank you for reaching out!

Using a active HDMI to DP cable worked. Thanks

Can you link the one you used so we can test and update the faq?

The one you linked is a much better choice and if mine ever have issues, I will get the club3d one you linked.

These are only about 23$ each, but I have to do long term testing to ensure their stability. If they fail me, ill get the club3d one

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