My Adventures with Fedora

I’m just checking in to give my initial thoughts on using Fedora as my main personal computer (Ryzen 9 7900X with 3080 Ti). Only a couple weeks in, but I’ve used it enough to gather some impressions.

A bit of background – I have been using Linux servers and some desktops for a couple decades. Mostly the desktops have been hardware or VMs of Ubuntu/Debian/Pop! running Gnome-ish or Xfce. I really like CrunchBang++. But those machines were mostly for dabbling, not hours-a-day endeavours.

I took the plunge and converted my main rig to Fedora 37/KDE/Wayland and held my breath, waiting for some show-stopper to immediately arise. It hasn’t. I did of course need RPM Fusion and a few of my favorite apps needed installing via snaps or flatpak, mostly for GPU reasons.

After years of micromanaging my hardware via Windows apps, though, Fedora seems very barren regarding hardware reporting. I haven’t run across anything close to MSI Afterburner, HWInfo64, RyzenMaster, etc. The nvidia-settings and GWE apps seem allergic to Wayland. Yes, I can set the GPU power limit via the CLI, but that’s about it. I can see the overall CPU and GPU temps, but per-core clock speeds have eluded me.

X-Plane 12 seems to run fine, so that’s a plus. I haven’t tried any games yet.

Looking forward to Fedora 38!

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The KDE System monitor shows it.
You can edit the History page and add the Clock Frequency sensor data, it adds a line per core.


That’s got nothing to do with Fedora, the tools available are the same as any other distro.

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Thanks for the tip! I liked the KDE System Monitor better than the Gnome one, but that was just based on apperance. I had no idea how powerful it is. KDE has so many options!

Yeah they remade the System Monitor a while ago, previously it was KSysMon (which I think technically still exists) which had some things I miss in the new one, but overall the new one seems more performant.

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I use watch -n1 "grep MHz /proc/cpuinfo | sort -r" from the command line. Not great, but better than nothing :slight_smile: