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Atlas M.2 is at 7:40 minutes!

Mushkin is back and the SSD price wars are heating up. I tried to kill this thing. It just wouldn't die! Even though it is inexpensive it doesn't mean it is bad. Quite the opposite -- I was super impressed by these offerings from Mushkin.

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Might have to add one of these to my collection....

omg buy these with our affiliate codes?

plzkthx? :)


This is awesome, i was realy looking for a review on these SSD's.
Since the 1TB version is exaly significantly cheaper then a Samsung EVO for example.
I'm still thinking about adding one to my system to replace my current 1TB baracuda for storage.

What's the catch? Do i have to give my firstborn to Logan?

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Bought me a chronos one last year, dunno if it's just age, but it's no where near the rated speeds, hope these ones are better, I don't remember how it performed when it was new

those amazon links lead me to a white page for some reason...
Not sure what else to say to be honest.

Ye just a side note the UK amazon affiliate link doesn't work on just links to

Say what you will but i had a 120 and 240 die on me already. Will never buy from this brand again.

To me this looks like a continuation of the Crucial BX100.
Happy happy joy joy happy happy joy joy. (if it plays in your head now, you're welcome)

Crucial EOL'd the BX100 as soon as Micron got their shitty planar TLC NAND rolling and out comes the BX200 to replace the BX100...
The Reactor basically has the same NAND and controller as the BX100. And after looking at couple of reviews, the performance is almost identical. As expected.

So it's awesome that there is this really nice and decent option if you want something better than the cheapest of the cheap SSD's.
Or don't want to buy an 850 EVO (because reasons?) or don't want planar TLC (840 EVO was my first and last TLC SSD..).

Not quite as low price as the BX100 right now in Germany* but maybe it keeps dropping in price.
There's is a cheaper "Reactor LT" listed** though, which to me looks like the Eco2 and isn't quite as good as the Reactor. Still the SM2246EN but not sure what's holding it back, lower quality NAND?


Same for ze German link, bedauerlicherweise :(

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I have three SSDs from Mushkin. Two 240GB ECO2s in my desktop, and the 512GB Reactor hoked up to my Xbox One (if only they enable UASP on the USB 3.0 controller...). All three have been running great, at near advertised speeds with no issues for the last 8 months.

We've been over this earlier. No definitive explanation was found. Here's a quote of my own conclusion, which as you may sense, is rather inconclusive:

"I have no idea if it is supposed to be this way, and it just stores the affiliate code as something else in the URL when searching in amazon. I'm not saying it does not work, I'm just saying I have no way of actually knowing the kickback goes to you guys. "

"Look, if you continually receive kickbacks from european purchases, this
might just be a storm in a glass of water, but I just want to be sure."

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the muskin eco2 512g is 8$ cheaper, how does it compare to the reactor?

Read Speed: up to 560MB/sec
Write Speed: up to 305MB/sec
IOPS: 67,000 (4K random write)
Read Speed: up to 560MB/sec
Write Speed: up to 460MB/sec
IOPS: Up to 71,000 IOPS (Read) / Up to 75,000 IOPS (Write)

Also here's some actual user results.

tl;dr buy the Reactor, totally worth it

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Inexpensive? Ok let us not get carried away here. Wendell was saying he is going to replace the spinning rust in his home computer but I sure as heck won't as the price per GB for hard drives is still much better than what it is for SSDs and I like my whole library of games 4 life on my hard drives and 512 GB or 1 TB won't cut it and I sure as heck won't pay $137.98 or $255.99 for these.

I've got 480GB Chronos model and it works great. The 1 TB is really tempting, but I feel 2 TB SSDs at these price points are just around the corner.

Those Chronos drives are pretty old and were a budget ssd even back then, I bought a ChronosMX which was supposed to be a middle of the road ssd (as far as mushkins go anyways) back in 2013 or somewhere close. Notice on the newegg page for YOUR ssd that they don't list what type of nand it uses? Here are speed results for my Chronos mx, keep in mind that hour count, I also use this drive for an OS for 2 years, now its just a steam drives for a couple games it is currently down to only 5gb of space remaining.

How does the SanDisk Ultra II compare to this drive? It's in the same price range here.

My nephew is looking for a gaming laptop around 1200.$ US have any affiliate codes for that?