Mushkin SSDs - Reactor 512gb and Atlas M.2 | Tek Syndicate

Is there any reason to pick these over the 850 EVO? They seem to be right around the same price point, with the Samsung coming in a bit cheaper for the 250 and 500gb models.

Well the EVOs are a little bit more expensive than those drives but you can wait and find a 24H deal on Amazon and get the 500GB for 130$. I happened to take advanted of that offer and it's worth every single penny I spent.

Prices I saw had the Evo 250 and 500 models being cheaper.

I jumped on Amazon US and the 500GB model is about 150$, compared to the 137$ asked for this Mushkin drive in the same capacity. In the EU they cost about 160€ (except for UK obiviously, but the price I think might be the same in £).

Well, that is odd. The Mushkin was $160 when I checked.

If it's that the price I would go for a Samsung EVO right now, especially since I'm using one right now and I know how smoking fast it is. Also has 5 years warranty, wich is especially useful if you're not going through drives like candies lol

Also, not as reliable. I have sensitive data that would go to the, so for me the $60 premium for a 5yr warranty is ok...

Yeah maybe, i know that the Samsung´s are very good.
i have a Samsung 840 pro as my main OS drive for 3 years now, without any issues.

But i´m realy looking into a 1TB SSD to replace my spinning rust.
The Seagate Baracuda is not the most reliable.
It allready makes some weird noises so now and then.

I think the problem is their system is having issues with amazon link referrals (I believe they get money from amazon if we click a link and then buy that product.) I just opened up the link in a new tab and had no problems. If I click the link using the current tab there are issues.

Their URL:

Italics mine. Notice the clicks, track, and keywords sections.

Anyways, just conjecture.

I watched this video when it came out, and the product seemed pretty good. But I was wondering about when you said something about trying to get the drive to fail (presumably from performing many writes or something, maybe with a full drive, too?), what did you do? You didn't really seem to specify what tests were done on it to test it's write durability/endurance.

He probably tried to provoke some dead cells in the flash by writing a lot of data to it, deleting the data, getting other different data, deleting that, and repeating the process. I could see Wendell make a simple script for this making it so he could just run the script and let it cook the ssd for a week or month or something like that, then using S.M.A.R.T features to check for problems.