Msi 970 gaming

hi all, 

is the msi 970 gaming am3+ motherboard any good, does anyone know that the power phase delivery is as i would like to try to overclock on it?


many thanks


No. Just no. Msi's AM3+ stuff is plain trash. Those boards fry so fast and have so many problems it's ridiculous. Do not, I repeat do not overclock on those boards. Both the g43 and g46 have 4+1 vrms and the g43 isn't a cooled vrm. 

It could be a good board. With a 6+2 power phase, it can support eight cores. It's a new release, and I'm not sure what to make of it. It pays to be careful with the choice ofAM3+ motherboards.

mmm , wonder what those boards cost? Possible new cheap budget platform for my sixcore builds.

Seems reasonably priced. Competitive with the M5A97 R2.0 in the UK Says its 8 phase Still cant find any pricing on it.

In the UK, it is priced £65-75. That's about the same (maybe £5-10 more) as the ASUS M5A97 R2.0, or the M5A97 R2.0 EVO. Both of which, are good boards.

Just not available in the U.S. yet.:(

You can't have nice things.

i dont understand why they did not put an 990FX chipset gaming board out aswell

Ya, thats a bit of a head scratcher. Since they are claiming cf support. I dont understand why it isnt a 990 anyway.

Maybe there's more to come? This is the first I have seen of this particular board. Nice to see someone expanding the AM3+ product range.

On a side note, wasn't there some speculation of a new FX line? Wonder if this is some pre-emptive move, to accommodate new chips? Not sure how likely that is :L I haven't kept up with the news, I know there's laptop/mobile FX stuff now

Feels that way sometimes. lol

Oh... they want to release an AIO heatsink with their processors. That's disappointing.

ya,lol. That was a waste.

The price point on that mb is going to be the most important thing.

I think this is more of an entry-level/affordable gaming AM3+ board. At least it has proper VRM design with heatsinks for running and OCing the FX 8-cores. 

If you want a 990/FX chipset with more features and even better OCing, it'll cost more. 

I wouldn't call this a "bad board" by any stretch. There are far worse boards in this category/price range that only have 4+1 VRM setup. *Cough* ASRock *Cough* 

I know MSi has a dirty reputation with AM3+ but this might be a really nice board. It would be interesting to see if people have issues a few months in, unfortunately this is so late in the FX line that likely loyalties are set and Asus will just continue to be the de facto choice. Shame really I would like to see how this gets on, the specs seem pretty nice, and very very nice for a 970.

If you want a 990/FX chipset with more features and even better OCing

the chipset has no effect on overclocking capability

Ya, would be nice to have a affordable 970 that overclocks decent with a decent feature set. To me this mb may make a nice 6 core oc'er for budget gaming rigs. 8 core will still be suspect considering msi rep. Have to wait on the benching and testing and product reviews.