Msi 970 gaming

  • You guys are all mistaking, first (wadworks) this board has 8+2 Power Phase (look at the right side of the dimms slots).
  • Secound (thecaveman) you dont known a danm shit about motherboard cause this board is some serious stuff!!!
  • Third this board will cost around 120$ US
  • Fourthly (MisteryAngel) the reason they decided to go with chipset 970 over 990FX is simple!!!! same god danm thing!!!! but the chipset 970 cost way less to put on a board and has only 24 PCI lanes compare to 32 on the 990FX chipset (anyway MSI knows that with an officially dead but still the most powerful AMD socket that most people wont buy a second graphic card).
  • Fifthly (Berserker) yes there is more to come at the end of 2015 and Jim Killer is working the new K12 CPU but not on AM3+ socket, there will be a new socket.
  • Sixthly (Freaksmacker) you are right The price point on that board is going to be the most important thing.
  • Seventhly this motherboard will become the most advanced motherboard that AM3+ has to offer with the 8+2 power phase,Supports DDR3-2133(OC),Audio Boost 2 separated from the board, Killer chip Ethernet, with the OC Genie 4 that is so good!!!!, integrated Sound Blaster 2 chip,Gaming Device Port: with Triple Gold-plating for High Polling Rate Gaming Devices,those Super Ferrite Chokes and the Dark CAP certified to last 10 year, so guys this board is clearly high end stuff at an reasonable price.
  • The AMD FX CPU or not I7 but they can do everything you throw at them and they cost nothing for what they can delivered so if you are somebody how those not have a lot of money to throw on a I7 computer go get a AMD FX CPU brand new or used on ebay and go get that board and the real money on a good graphic card and for playing top end games you wont see any difference between high end Intel and a low cost AM3+ FX CPU + MSI 970 Gaming + with Good DDR3 2133 + lets say an MSI R9 290X Gaming.

Ok. We get it. You really like this motherboard.

its just a 6+2 powerphase and digi vrm ☺

I am always scared when some one tells me i am right.:)~

Does this guy realize I'm talking about the already out AM3+ boards or is he just blind... I said which boards I was talking about and I wasn't even aware new msi stuff was coming for AM3+.. geez

Soundblaster audio chip onboard?

its just a Realtek alc1150, with soundblaster software lol.

Still it looks like a nice board, if the price is right, then its definitely something to concider. But the most advanced AM3+ board?... NO ☺

Hey, my soundblaster 5.1 still works better than alot of things.

Silly MisteryAngel, everyone knows that an ALC1150 is the same thing as a SoundCore3D :P

Most of you are not old enough to realize how much windows has taken away from your sound exp. Its a crying shame when i think about it. :(

True, especialy windows 7 is crap for todays audio

Those old soundblaster days on where you had to set the IO, IRQ, DMA by hand in every ms-dos game, that where times...

Why is the teksyndicate site sooow f*cking slow today?

well its still realtek :P

I know, I was referring to the VRM design - which is typically better on the higher-end chipset boards. 

Just to throw this out there, if you're looking for a good 970 AM3+ motherboard that has a good 8+2 power phase, can OC and has lots of other features for around $100, take a look at the Gigabyte GA-970-UD3P.

lol, okay maybe not back that far.

Yeah the first time i played aladdin and lionking on pc in ms-dos. windows 98SE or ME do not realy remeber that, i was 5/6 years old lol