I was just wondering what your views on mousepads are. I'm using this generic mousepad with like, some sort of mock leather top. My mouse is a death adder and I get decent performance in games. I'm looking to maybe get a new mousepad and I was wondering if it was worth it. I use a Death Adder and I keep the settings at 1800DPI, 1000Hz polling, 10 sensitivity, 10 x/y axis, 5.5 win pointer speed, and 1-4 acceleration. I'm not sure if I really need a new mousepad, because I seem to be fine in most games. So...I just wanted to see what mousepads you guys use and what your recommendations are. Should I get a new mousepad, and if so, what kind?

i have a cyber snipa stinger and i dont use a mousepad, my desk isnt really that big so i like to be able to push my keyboard and mouse to the side if i have to open a book or something. but anyway, the mouse has those anti gravity devices on the bottom so it makes it slide very smooth over my desk.

mouse pads are a big deal you want a surface to put your mouse on. Razer makes differents kinds for your preference so get one of those. some have precision some have speed. I personally use the destructor precision gaming surface click [url=]HERE[/url] for more info about the destructor

I've read up about ALL of the Razer Mousepads. Don't worry about that. I've ruled out the Destructor due to it's price. And it's a bit to big for my needs. I've been looking at the exactmat and prosolutions as well, since they're double sided and made of anodized aluminum. But once again, a bit to big. So, I've narrowed it down to the Goliathus series, since it has a reasonable size/price. BUT, I'm wondering, which is better. Control or Speed? I tend to snipe a lot, and when it's a 1 on 1 sniper shoot off, speed and precision are a D: Speed can be adjusted I guess, but precision is like, based on the user. AHH. Ugh.

I would go for precision the speed really comes from your mouse so go with precision or control what ever it's called

also try this isn't as big as the destuctor but is aluminum

im using a Deathadder and a Goliathus Speed omega id way go with that its a great pad im really pleased with it got it free with my adder and im loving it.

i like material mouse pads over aluminum but thats me and the aluminum wears the feet i was using my diamondback on my desk with no mouse pad but the feet are so tough that it was tearing away the desk then the teflon feet i got a regular black one i need a bigger one though this one is too small for my needs

gunna go with the Goliathus

I have the Steelseries QCK+ which is superhuge and comfortable to use.

The mouse flies on the mousepad... lol

The CQK0 is almost as big as two 15" laptops.

thats why i use the destuctor. I hate not having enough room

steel series is really expansive but good quality.

Err, at most, I want it to be a foot in length. Anything bigger might be...blah. The Exactmat is really tempting though. :/

I got a steelseries 5L.... shit is cash.

Only hard mouse pad I've had that doesnt lose traction. check this out once again it should be at least 1 foot long

I have a Goliathus speed with a Deathadder and its awesome

Eh, nothing personally against cyber snipa, but the crosshair on the mousepad just makes it lose the aesthetic appeal.

i use a rocketfish mousepad, double sided, and its like some sorta special plastic shit.. but i don't know if its just me or not, anyone else experiencing MAJOR dust on their mouse feet on the deathadder?

I use the Steelseries SP, and i find it pretty good, it's got a good hard plastic top and is optimised for lasers, so it's gonna last a long time (I can see it lasting a decade+ so long as I don't cut it in half of something :P).

You say Steelseries cost a lot, well I think not really, Steelseries SP is $39.99, but it's made from quality goods and is gonna last you a LONG time, so it's worth it. I certainly noticed it difference from wood (just desk), to mousepad. Mousepad also comes with gliders (which i didn't use, makes the mouse literally....glide, you could push it lightly in any one direction and it wouldn't stop until it hit the desk :p. Lol).

its made of glass =o and made by stealseries is should call it glass series

Have you ever tried using a mouse on glass? Yeah. Doesn't work so well. I'll pass on that one. Dang, Steelseries charges a lot. Argh. It's not that my budget is low, trust me I've got more than enough for a 4870x2 and such, but's a mousepad. I don't expect to pay any more than $25 ish.