Motherboard update to run FX-8350 in AM3 socket

The motherboard im using is a 760GM-E51, on MSI's website it says that an update is required to be able to run a AM3+ chip in this motherboard, does anyone know where I can get the update? I recently used MSI LiveUpdate to update my Motherboard to version 3.60, I'm not sure if this is the required update or not.

I just checked the CPU support list, and there isn't a single AM3+ chip on it.

I know, but in a later press release they stated this motherboard will be compatible with AM3+ chips, I saw the CPU support list, there also happens not to be a FX-6200 on it, which is what I have in the motherboard right now, which makes me think that list is unreliable.

Sorry for double post, but I just had my question answered by MSI support (Took less than 30 minutes, absolutely fantastic support! AND THEY GAVE ME A REAL ANSWER!)

Well, considering I'm neither employed by MSI, nor paid to help anyone on this forum, one would think support might be a little slower here.

I suspected that board would support FX-series, but they have no information on their website that I saw regarding which bios, board version, etc that would support FX-series CPU's. I know with some manufacturers, certain hardware versions of otherwise identical models will not support the newer CPU's, even with the proper BIOS.

I'm also supect that you will be on a power constraint. I wouldn't be surprised if the FX-8350 doesn't run full speed.

i think the 760G chipset dont support the vishera´s they only support the old zambezi´s ,  Fx4100 Fx6100 Fx8120 Fx8150


I posted a link to the 760GM-E51 provided to me by MSI customer support that says it is compatible with the FX-8350 Vishera chip

I couldn't help but notice a subtle change in model number: MSI 760GM-E51 (FX).

I think it might be the exact motherboard, but with updated drivers.

Its a different motherboard. I checked the above pictures of both the MSI 760GM-E51, and the MSI 760GM-E51 (FX) the only difference (besides the socket, which is difficult to check) Is a little (FX) below the Blue PCI express slot near the bottom of the motherboard, im going to take my GPU out later today to see what it says on my board.


The FX tag on the "newer" product is just to show the fact that the BIOS flashed to the board supports the AM3+ processors. The non-FX tag would require a bios update before you ould use it.

So then this motherboard has been flashed to run FX processors (mine)

Short answer. Yes. As stated by the manufactures website, It does support FX. Also if you look at the bios updates, the latest shows support for the Vishera chips (aka Piledriver)

Though I would not advise this chipset for use with FX, as its pretty dated (we are talking low end athlon II) Plus the RAM speed support would not allow best performance.

And this quote:

Is not exactly re assuring. Sounds like the VRegs would die if you put the system under any proper load.

My advice would be get a 990x chipset as a minimum.

- zanginator

Yeah, that is basically what i was going to end up doing.