MSI 760GM-E51 and FX-6100


I got MSI 760GM-E51 motherboard (not fx version). Can i use FX-6100 CPU ?

I heard that something exist like "update", that can make support it.

Thanks for advance.
It says partially supported
One sec

I do not see it, I am still checking though
What is the MS- Number on the motherboard: example MS-7596
It would be to the bottom left of the CPU socket?

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@zanginator answered this question for an 8350 a couple years ago, the answer is yes, but it would need a bios update


Thanks so much for answer.

well, i still got a problem. Nothing changes after bios updating (i use m-flash method), my fx6100 still doesnt work. Maybe i do something wrong or wrong bios update.
I will try more, i hope something will change.

@Crimson_Ryoka wow... that's going sometime back.

Just to clear things up a little. The MSI 760GM-E51 does actually have two models. The one in question here is the older AM3 socketed one (white socket) and does not support FX at all. The newer FX model has an AM3+ socket (black).

It was released before the Piledriver chips (x3xx series) however being the same socket would support both chips. But because it was released prior to the Piledriver series launching and after Bulldozer, it would require the bios update to run Piledriver chips.

The 760 Chipset was never designed with upgrad-ability after Phenom and was designed well before Bulldozer was in the pipeline.

In some respects my original answer is wrong over on the other thread as I state:

The FX tag on the "newer" product is just to show the fact that the BIOS flashed to the board supports the AM3+ processors. The non-FX tag would require a bios update before you ould use it.

Whilst in actually reality it is denote the board has a different socket (yet the same guts).

(Quick side note, the latest BIOS update for the non-FX model is prior to Bulldozer release.... so... no support)

Now to get into the realms of hacking...... or forcing shit to work. As the boards to run on the same chipset it MIGHT be possible to cross flash the boards. (put the fx bios on the non-fx). However if you want to try this DO NOT expect it to work. As it most likely brick the board due to some minor un-noted differences.

TL:DR. The non-FX model does not support the FX chips. However you may be able to force it to work.


Wow. thanks for response.

I think ill give up. I just try to update it from FX version and got this message "Error: Rom File Size Incorrect". System still works, it is not broke.

Anyway i tired from it. Looks like i need to sell this CPU or change mainboard :'(

Many thanks for helping me.