Minecraft 2022

to be real guys I’m gonna have my hands full with learning UE, I might get on when I’m watching stuff on jellyfin
but nothing huge

Only just spotted this, need our yearly online community fix

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Should this one be pinned… I’m too garbage at Minecraft to actually have a run but i stumbled in here thinking ‘wheres the minecraft server’


haha, me too
we all should play minecraft from time to time :wink:

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Im just seeing this! So happy!


How does one use the GriefPrevention plugin? Can someone link it? Or is it automatically incorporated in a server you join in and just use the chest and golden shovel as described in the video?

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It’s a server-side plugin. No client stuff needed.


@DaltonGrowley Can I get you to link to my reply with the server info in the OP?

I probably wont join this year. My kid is still too young to understand that you should not vandalize/mess with other people’s build. I had a quick bio break and i saw her “helping expand” (my kid’s own words) the starting area house. I would like to apologize to whoever owns the starting/spawn area…

Also, my family is moving deeper into the island boonies far away from my country’s capita where we currently reside in. Still have fiber internet there so there is that…

Packing up means less play time…


Thats adorable. :joy:


how many blocks away are you moving?

I wouldnt know how to do that.

@SgtAwesomesauce I suspect the server is down, dynmap opens but is blank too https://minecraft.level1techs.com/


I figured something was up. It seemed slow but I didn’t know if it was my awesome internet connection or the server!

I’ll have a look.

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I also have problems, I’ve got to try 2-3 times to login. Other than that, the server is really nice and fast.

(Below is a list of mods I use on this server, which might be useful to others)

client-side mods I find useufl

These are all fabric mods that either make the game faster, more beautiful, or improve the gameplay.
Vanilla game mechanics are preserved.

Fabric mods

  • Continuity - Make adjacent block textures merge/CTM!
  • enchanced block entities - Make lots of entities less laggy/crashy, also improve lighting
  • holdthatchunk - This one lets the client keep some chunks cached locally to decrease chunk loading time, and allow for larger render distances. This is required for render distances >10 on multiplayer.
  • FerriteCore - Mods use less RAM
  • sodium+indium+iris - These 3 mods combine to create a new, faster, and more capable render engine. More FPS on lower end machines, with fancy shader support for faster ones.
  • lambdabettergrass - Make grass block sides merge
  • lambdadynamiclights - Make items actually emit light(holding torch emits light, dropped torch emits light, glowsquid emits light. etc)
  • logical zoom - A zoom button! Good for taking screenshots, stalking people, …
  • modmenu - Shows you a list on installed mods, and allows to configure them via a nice GUI.
  • phosphor - Faster block light calculation engine
  • resolution control plus - Select a render resolution! Good alternative to anti-aliasing with fast GPUs. Can also specify separate resolution for high-res screenshots.
  • RoughlyEnoughItems - List of all items in the inventory, with information on how to craft every item.
  • Xaeros Minimap/Xaeros Worldmap - Nice ingame map with waypoints etc.


Some of the mods might require extra configuration. With the modmenu installed, select mods in the main menu, then navigate to the mod you want to configure, then click the settings icon.
Some settings you might want to set:

  • hold that chunk - You want to enable “ignore server render distance” and play with the chunk unload distance.
  • Minecraft video settings - Iris enables more video settings, including, but not limited to, shaders.
  • Minecraft RAM allocation - You might want to increase this for larger render distances(The mods themselves are pretty light)
  • Minecraft controls - Some mods(like logical zoom or REI) have buttons for doing stuff.
Picture of what I'm working on

Is that login problem ongoing?

I’ll do some research tonight.


Yes! Just tried to login, stuck on “encrypting…” while loading, then says: “Took too long to log in”.
Not a big issue though, just try connecting a few times works reliably.
Maybe the Minecraft game server can’t reach the Minecraft authentication servers(reliably).

There is some strangeness for sure.

I am a bunny guess what bunnies ‘build’…