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Microsoft Releases Teams for Linux; Plans to Host Linux Conference in 2020

Microsoft has released Teams for the Linux desktop. This is an ongoing plan to release native Office applications to Linux.

Another interesting bit is that Canonical has been announced as a “Featured Sponsor” in Microsoft’s first Linux conference, planned for March of 2020.

Microsoft is going to be hosting annual/semi-annual Linux conferences?

Ladies and Gentlemen… Do you know what this means?

It’s finally happened:


2020 could very well be The Year of the Linux Desktop™

Brought to you by Microsoft! It’s a Christmas Miracle!

God bless Microsoft


Oh lawd have mercy on this poor soul.

Office is literally one of only three reasons why I don’t commit to Linux right now.

[hype intensifies]


you know I had to lol



Oh no worries, I fully expect this to devolve fairly quickly.

Exciting news, regardless. Microsoft has been doing good work the last several years. WSL 2 is going to be lit, too. It IS lit if you want to update to the bleeding edge platform.

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wtf no… bad penguin!

MS should be paying canonical to attend

inb4 soon enough debian will be freeBSD


It was bound to happen. They’ve worked closely for a number of years.

thought someone would link me that

let me rephrase then:

soon enought there will be no GNU+Linux Debian, but only FreeBSD+GNU+Debian

like 3 RC from now there will be no more Linux-based Debs

You don’t think so? Why not?

not sure, man, half of it was a joke, I just didn’t use /s

but honestly the master-level neckbeards won’t be pleased with mainstream linux, and since hurdle is 90 years from releasing a beta version they’ll probably abandon the kernel… maybe not… not sure…

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Office for Linux would be an absolute game changer. It would mean that primarily Linux environments that have Windows desktops (cause excel is better) for end user productivity on the platform could be replaced and go 100% linux.

Less infrastructure, easier maintenance with one less platform to support. Projects can be more streamlined.

Teams… good to see it’s being worked on, it’s still rubbish though :smile: they really need to improve its responsiveness.


Anything Electron/Chromium based is low hanging fruit for *nix. I won’t be impressed until a real office app is ported. :wink:

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Microsoft is going to be hosting annual/semi-annual Linux conferences?

This isn’t exactly news. Microsoft’s been a major (in many cases, the biggest) sponsor for many Linux conferences for years.

Even as a neckbeardy freetard, I have to recognize that Microsoft very much has adopted open source. There lies the problem.

They’ve embraced open source, but haven’t released a “Microsoft <3 Free Software” image yet. They’ve gotten the software development methodology part down. They’ve gotten the licensing part down.

There’s still work to be done.

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That’s what’s keeping .NET (+core) popular, I guess. And VSCode.

Nah, being awesome is what’s keeping those popular. :wink:

Can’t stop a train going downhill at full speed in one stroke. Gotta dump some coal in the furnace or something.

Lmfao 10/10

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Microsoft Teams is that annoying notification thing that needs 8 clicks to go away, what does it do apart from that?

Group chat, collaboration, instant messaging/private messaging, file sharing, video conferencing, Office integration.

So Skype + Office?

Depending on the day, it’s vastly better.

Plus dark mode.

I’ve never seen collaboration and file sharing in Skype either. It’s more akin to Slack or Discord.

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Done it once, was awful.
If Discord or Slack had a “forum mode” where a category with its channels is shown in the center tab, that would be nice.