Microsoft now paying you to use Edge

So yeah, if your willing for your search to be harvested by a different company other than google then Microsoft has you covered

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Wow, this is very weird.

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Can't.....nuked edge :) They are just trying to lock more people into their data mining so they will not lose their ad revenue. No ext. plugin thing doesn't help. Target = 12 year old children with a xbox :)


"Microsoft actively monitors whether you’re using Edge for up to 30 hours a month. It tracks mouse movements and other signs that you’re not trying to game the system, and you must also have Bing set as your default search engine."

Could it really be that hard to automate? Make it look at cat pics for 30 hours/month or something while you're not using it.


The rewards program has been around for several years now. My brother used to put random searches in to rack up enough for Xbox live membership

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see :) At least you abused it. Makes me proud. lol


That feel, when your product is so shit you need to pay people to use it^^


I wonder at what point will ad revenue stop mattering when they are losing money trying to hook people on? Is money even the main objective?

Just let your cat play with your mouse while edge is open and youre good to go.

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shrugs.... part me thinks they would like to be google. Their user base isn't going to accept that so well. Businesses expect to keep their business private. :) Mostly feels like a class war with those who choose not the buy the most expensive package paying with their privacy. Its the new shit business model Ms and many others are trying to push and it needs to be railed back against in the ugliest manner possible.

need to gobble those passwords up


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Now I wish I had Windows 10. I need every penny I can get.

Oh and guys and gals if you want an easy way to make money do the Daily Rewards search at as it is 15 cents per day and requires next to no work and time. All you do is type something in the search bar and that is it. You don't need to install anything. I thought I would share that while we are talking about getting paid. Hey it is over $50 per year for doing next to nothing.


This isn't suspicious at all... kek

Obviously Microsoft wouldn't be paying you if they weren't making more off your data. Though automating this would be a great way to play the system to make some extra cash hint hint.


When they make the offer for using Win X, I'll install it on a machine, as for thanks.MS keeps pushing the envelope finding ways to get more of your data but of course it's only for QA.

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Hmmh that'll be intresting. Set up a virtual machine with windows 10, spent 20 mins looking at whatever then close it down and go back to host OS and hope Microsoft don't see through :p

lul... you pay more than that in electricity just for running the machine.

I don't pay electricity. I rent and all utilities are included for $750 including central air. Also again it is a simple search thing to make $50+ per years and takes up so little time so why people would not do it is beyond me. I didn't say to do surveys which can be a real bitch. Surveys .. eh I am paid like I work in some third world country.

This brings me back to the goold old days when Microsoft didn't allow any other browser on their platform and got slapped in the face with it. One can argue that "It's their software, as long as they let people choose there browser then no one can really fault them for it".

I got the same feeling from google chrome a while back and that's why I started using firefox with adblock. I can take of adblock on sites like techsyndicate, some youtubers I want to give money by watching yet another ClearBlue Pregnancy commercial (How the hell Googles ad sence figured a single guy could have use for ClearBlue Pregnancy tests is beyond me).

Microsoft just started letting people create their own addons for their browser but they work kinda weird and you have to be connected to the store to utelize this. As many others have commented, I gives a sense of being locked down again.