Microsoft is now adding 10 tracking to 7 and 8 Ever feel like your being hostilely taken over. Maybe you can still opt out of the update ? It won't be long before they take that choice away from you. Linux keeps looking better everyday. :)

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I personaly dont let updates install automaticly anyway.
i do it manualy, because windows update crashed my system a couple of times allready.
I only install security updates, but before i do that, i google every kb update that shows up, to see what its used for


Yup, best way. Be careful of that one! They are trying to sneak it by. They are going to data mine and track everyone regardless of version.

I already upgraded to windows 10 but I don't really care if they get my Battlefield 4 information, rest of my stuff and most of my games are on linux. Getting real tired of all the "sending diagnostic data to help the overall customer base" shit.

The Fourth Reich. :)

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I may get blasted for this, and I do thank you for the useful information. I think Logan kinda made a mountain out of of mole hill. Programs have already started to hit the internet for windows 10 and them tracking you. Work arounds for the forced updates are out. As time passes, there will be even more programs to stop microsfot.

Thing is, Facebook, and Google, and even Apps for Android have been doing this for some time. IMHO, it would be nice if Logan would do a TEK on what is out there, what works, and the best way to stop microsoft, Facebook, and Even google from tracking anyone.

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It might be a matter of perspective. It is just one thing in a stack of very alarming things happening in the world today. I was kind of hoping i would be dead before the shit hit the fan but at the pace in which things are progressing that is not gonna be true.

........If I can get all my skyrim mods working on Linux, along with my school stuff and Fallout 4, I am switching over.

So sick of MS's shit.


Only thing that is annoying on Windows 10, you dont seem to be able to disable updates,
atleast i couldnt find the option for it.
Since i had installed it for a friend in a vm.

WTF is going on, this is microhack from microsoft ???????????????????????????

If the Vulcan API enables easy driver adaptation to linux that will be the last excuse for me not to switch over. Totally excited to see how that turns out.

Huh, a possible work around for this is to just block the two sites provided.

Those two. I hope that does something when I add it to the host file.

Tinfoilhat guy here:
Opera as a browser, Searchengine is DuckDuckGo and I am working on my move to Linux. Facebook, Twitter, Google, Amazon and some others are blocked by the firewall I have set up with on ASRock AD2550R/U3S3.
I get back to my hidden shelter on mars now, bye.

Ugh, what a pile of shit. Even after switching to manual updates, is there a way to verify that a machine is clean of Microsoft hacks?

ever since i've done the full update to my dual core laptop (win7), all these window's services have been raping my cpu, it's at 100% all the time when all im at is the desktop.

they are slowly taking control.......the real question is : whom is realy behind all this budding-in. (IMO)
and quite disturbing. I have been in computers, therefore software, for over 20 years, ........never seen anything like it to date.....................:-(

Either you have a pretty terrible laptop or it isn't Windows 7... you most likely have a virus that did not originate from Microsoft. Even on an Atom N270 (which is an utter piece of junk), Windows 7 idles perfectly fine. You might want to check that.

i've been running hella scanners, nothing. what do you suggest?

the cpu is:

I suggest a clean install... and being very careful of what you do after that.

At some point you're going to have to figure out your priorities and drop either Skyrim or your privacy, Trik.
Unless you dualboot or add a second HDD and a SATA power switch.
(I am sorry if linking directly to an Ebay page seems like advertising, I merely want to show an example and what they cost)

I went the dualboot route myself. I only use Windows when I really need proprietary stuff for work or for playing GTA5. Whenever I get the chance, I'll be in Linux though.

As for the update, if it really is as bad as I think it is, that's sad really.
If MS keeps this up, I'm going to have to carry around a notepad file with update numbers to avoid for whenever I'm working on a PC.