Microsoft is now adding 10 tracking to 7 and 8

Think a 128 gig Samsung Pro SSD is big enough to dual boot Windows 10 and a Linux Distro?

Theoretically 5-6 gigs should be enough for Linux, but then you won't have much room for personal files etc.
Windows will be using most of that 128GB already methinks, especially with a modded Skyrim etc on it.

Windows 10 takes around 10GiB. surprisingly.

So does Win7 on a clean install. A couple of years worth of updates and months of normal use will nearly double that figure. Throw some programs and games into the mix and the number rises rapidly.

I had the same problem, with Realtek audio drivers. They wouldnt even show up on the tool to skip updates, and due to the steps involved for removing/installing a new version ... Windows forces an update at boot, which overrides my any driver I install, even if its dated newer than the one they provide. I'm unable to get the latest onboard sound driver from Gigabyte and am still stuck with the one Windows Update gives. Which I might add is a good bit older than the ones on the Gigabyte website.

Actually no. WIndows 7 took around 19 to 25ish or so GiB of Data on a clean install. they started trimming it down with every single release after that. Windows 8.1 took like 15ish or so GiB then some how Microsoft trimmed it down to 10 with Windows 10. remember Microsoft cut off a metric ass-tonne of support for a bunch of stuff cause they were trying to enter the mobile market.

The diagnostics tracking service collects diagnostics about functional issues on Windows systems that participate in the Customer Experience Improvement Program
(CEIP). CEIP reports do not contain contact information, such as your
name, address, or telephone number. This means CEIP will not ask you to
participate in surveys or to read junk email, and you will not be
contacted in any other way.

Well you have to opt in and the data is striped of your identity. This seems fair to me.

Sorry if i have a different opinion but I rather not be another echo in the echochamber.

Oh the skyrim is on my HDD, although that's getting full. Only 286 gigs left out of 1tb

I think I might just buy a 60 gig SSD for Linux. I'm fairly certain I should be able to do most of my class work with Linux. I mainly want it for general browsing and watching netflix and stuff. I'd like to end up only switching to Windows when I want to play a game.

Seems reasonable enough but win 7 and 8 already has stuff that does that. The correct question is what exactly is it collecting and how exactly are they going to use it. CEIP is looking like catch all loophole hiding ground. Tinfoil hat. ya At the end of the day, lets not passively accept vague descriptions and force them to define what it is they are actually doing.

this made me remember this sentence:
You don't care about freedom of speech, because you have nothing to say.

Its fairly the same thing with privacy:
You don't care about your privacy, because you have nothing to hide.

// People need to backfire those things on them.
Possibly sue them, because start menu has referencing attached to server and few other things which kinda pisses me off.

and since update uae, russia, ukraine, china, indonesia, etc keep trying me... get quite the list on my firewall...
I think i'm going to block everything and simply allow things to go through that i use.

I do think that TOS should have plain language versions that are no longer that 2 pages.

currently downloading ElementaryOS. If i can get iGPU multi-monitor in linux, i'm switching over for good.

Here is another cute issue

This tempts me more with Linux..

Plus kick ass open-source applications,

Anybody in here have any experience with gpu pass through for virtual machines?

There is a thread in the linux section. GPU Passthrough with KVM: Have Your Cake and Eat it Too

It kind of defeats the purpose but it would make up for anything you absolutely cant get on linux.

Meh, turn features off or use linux. Its not hard, plus the majority of people who use things like twitter, google services, facebook and the like let those companies track the shit out of em anyway..

Google is far up our butts than Microsoft ever will. We need Sailfish in MURICA'.

I am dying to try Sailfish but i do not any hardware i can easily put it on.