MFZuul tries it: Thin PC 'Does This PC Make Me Look Fat' Saga

Welcome what will be another circus of failure and incompetence to appease the masses!

The idea begins

Indeed a thread is needed and yes I think I can put linux on it!
I still need to finish “MFZull tries it: Manjaro Edition”, but I thought I would post this in advance to see if anyone has pointers or tips.

:x:Step One:
Get 18.5v power supply
:x:Step Two:
Boot it up and see whats on it
:x:Step Three:
Find cheap SSD to put in
:x:Step Four:
Find Distro I want (and will work) to run
:x:Step Five:
Get it to work

Updates soon™


Saw this, seems to be even weaker than my thin client sooo

hope is made this day, it will :crossed_fingers: be relatively straight forward to get Linux going on it.

Also If anyone knows what the real name and purpose of my thin client (like who used them and why) I would love to hear it! Can’t really find anything info other than an ebay listing.


I found this

Hope it helps.

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That just may, thanks!

From what I found I thought it had an AMD inside… I would rather it be red team again…but @redgek will be happy I suppose

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