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Impulse buy…



Let me know what they are like. I have fallen way behind on my knowledge since I found ones I like. It is kind of crazy how many ever-so-slightly-different switch variants that the community can justify, I am half expecting a '83 game crash style scenario.

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Bought into it when the original drop ran last year.
Following that development has been a shitshow.
A whole lot of not communicating and community distrust developing



Sound like massdrop all right.

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How do you like the switches though?

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They haven’t shipped yet, they are planned to ship 20th of may.
But there has been a whole lot of not communicating in the process, they had to fix a broken mold which has caused a huge delay

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Oh damn, so are they just adding onto the first production run with the new drop or do you think it’ll be another year?



From looking at the comment section it seems like overstock. They ordered extras since they were already at it

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I have not mentioned this.
I am greatly ashamed, but i bought the new model F kishsaver and some addon shit.
500$ out of the bank, i feel dirty, but they are great keyboards.
My Model F XT has also corrupted me.
I normally have layer switch on the capslock key, but now i have fallen in love with having alt instead of caps lock.
Making layer switching more cumbersome.



Me too



Me three

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I normally don’t have much of an interest in other switches (loved my das Keyboard Ultimate) because Cherry kept my interest. However after listening to those Holy Panda switches, super intriguing…



White alps or bust

mint alps or die



Let just order some for my new build… Oh wait.

I would like an alps build but they are just no supported much, I would need to hand wire to get to what I am used to with MX switches.



Just got in my CTRL High Profile keyboard from MassDrop. I picked up the black one with Kailh box white switches.

It was the first thing I have gotten from MassDrop that shipped early. It wasn’t supposed to get shipped until May 22nd, but I got it in today.

I will post some pictures, and my thoughts on it a little later after I have used it for a bit, flashed the firmware with my keymap and other customization, and gotten to use the switches for a while. It will be fun to mess around with QMK and all it can do.

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Got this kbd kit. I like it a lot except the stabilizers rattle a lot. It’s like every other component is high end except the stabilizers which is infuriating given the cost.

Any recommendations?

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I’ve got a WASD Code keyboard with Cherry Browns.

I originally got it because the idea of having a dedicated hardware toggle to switch to Colemak excited me.

Good keyboard? Sure.

Good enough to justify a $160 price tag? Nope.



Cherry stabs?

Thicker lube, so that it grabs the wire will help a lot with the rattle.

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I think they came without any lube or at least I read somewhere on reddit that the kbd stabilizers come dry. Given the noise they’re making, it makes sense.

What lube do you recommend? Is there like a cadillac cherry stabilizer I can buy 3rd party? This board only takes 3, so even if they’re expensive, shouldn’t be extreme compared to what I already put into the board…

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Yeah they almost always come dry, it would only Bea community effort board/kit that would include the lube for stabs and even at that you would likely have to apply it yours self anyway.

People use all sorts of stuff.

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