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If you look “deep enough” on ebay you can find those unconverted from around $100 to $200 from time to time.



Just got a new artisan keycap in the other day. It’s the Jelly Key Artifact Series: Ethereal Reign, I got the Summer variant.

I am super impressed with the quality. It’s amazing.

Here is my keyboard, currently it’s just a cheap E-Element Z-88 with Outemu Blues. I have the Oblivion SA keycap set on it, with a few other artisans. 2 more JellyKey Artifact series caps, and 2 Idea23 Bubble Tea caps. Also gotta love the coiled & reversed cable. Got it for like $9 from KPRepublic.

Here is a closer view of the other artisans.

I have a CTRL Keyboard on order from Massdrop, but it’s not set to ship for a few more months. I think it will look great with the Oblivion keycaps.



I’m always looking for one of these for cheap so I can put newer switches into it. Comes with Cherry MX black but I don’t like the MX black switches. That and I pretty much only want it to mod it anyways. New switches and keycaps and probably a better microcontroller to make it fully programmable and my favorite feature on a keyboard, no LED backlighting.

I should also point out that some came with Cherry switches and some are rubber dome. Not something to just randomly buy with out researching the model and year.



Posted this in the lounge, but this thread might be a bit more appropriate.



Nice model m

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It’s my grandfather’s. He’s got the desktop it came with too.



Time to go on antiques roadshow



The 71G4644 is a rubber dome, IMO it is about the best feeling rubber dome out side of dome and slider keyboards. Haven’t tried a topre so I can’t really compare it to those.

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Thanks. I thought it was to quit, but at the same time it had a very solid bump, so I couldn’t tell. Guess that would explain the pretty short travel as well.



Got the new 1390702 in the mail, probably be a few days until I test it though.
New ones on the top.(1988)

Old ones on the bottom.(1987)

Just worked out that the new one is newer and the old one is older…

Both are cleaner than that, need to clean my cellphones lens…

Yeah… Waiting a few days lasted about 20 minutes, everything works as I expect it to. By that I mean about 24 keys don’t work. And by that I mean those wouldn’t work until I modify it to work in the first place.



I have a couple of these soares converter now, is it possible to flash TMK or QMK on them.
I am not a fan of the config or the possiblities in it from what i have figured out so far.
it is possible to layer toggle in it?



If you got that from Orihalcon he could probably answer that one if you ask him on ebay. Otherwise since one of the only things I have played with is swapping from qwerty to colemak with layers can’t really answer that. Probably has something like a stm32 in it.

This post is what I got the idea’s for doing that though, but I don’t use colemak so I got rid of that and made a layer that I can swap to that has no bindings except to be able to switch back to my normal layout. Tinfoil mapping…

I spend too much time jumping from, and grabbing manuals off of



Yeah, I have been looking at that and the documentation from soare.
Probably just doing something wrong with ifselect then, will look more into it later

[EDIT 1]
Yup, i just didn’t do ifselect right



Worth trying to blow them out with compressed air or maybe some contact cleaner, could just be dirt and chatter.

Edit so that experiment failed. @RageBone it was in relation to your blues… eh, blues. So you can’t reply cross topic properly.

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After bit more than a week of use i will do a dumb write-up of my opinions on the XT layout and model F keyboard.

XT, i like some of the elements.
Having the F keys to the left is really nice, I normally map the F keys to a layer on top of 1-= so having the extra keys is just a nice bonus.

The left Control/Alt positions are fine, i swapped them because it was more convenient for gaming.
The smaller backspace and vertical enter are truly horrible but i have gotten used to it at this point.

I am a fan of there not being a nav cluster and just having the numpad instead, just mapped the nav cluster to layer 0 and put the numpad on a different layer.
I wish there wasn’t as many oversized/stepped keys though, the numpad+ takes up too much space.

As for the key switches, They are really nice for typing softly but if you mass the buttons it just has a hard bottom out feel, so i would rather use a model M for games as it has a softer bottoming out feel.
A side effect of using this keyboard is that i type softer now as anything else just doesn’t feel good

It is super loud and unless you turn on a noise gate when to talk to people they will murder you, luckily the keyboard doubles as a bludgeoning weapon

another good thing is that is is a much shorter keyboard so it deosn’t take up all the mouse space like the model M does

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Love that VIce City scheme, might have to damn near copy you on my next board. Colorwise, different build though…



They are super easy to get too. TaiHao Miami is the set.

I am not sure about them now but when TaiHao brought out these series if caps, there are lots in different colour sets, they had a coating on them for cleanliness. They called it nano antibiosis. This coating was well intentioned but it tended to get sticky and pick up dirt over time making it go black. The solution was to remove it will cleaning alcohol. But there after communities that ran group buys asked if they could be made with out he coating and that did happen. So I am not sure if they still coat them or don’t.

For what it is worth mine has the coating, it does feel a tiny bit odd but it is fine. It does not get nearly enough use to make them dirty so I can’t comment on that.

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sweet! Thanks for the info, going on shopping list right now. I would love to put a set like that on a 60% with a column of macros to the left, with cherry mx greens, but i think the next build is going to something beside cherry

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