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96-key or bust


Two are CM Storm QuickFire Tk’s - one with MX-Blues and the other with MX-Browns, then the iKBC Poker II Type C w/ MX-Browns, a Velocifire with Outemu browns, and then the OverClock.Net edition Ducky w/ MX Blacks. I love the QuickFire TK’s alot but have been liking my TKL and 60% more lately, and the Poker II isn’t a bad board when gaming and using the custom layers is even better for when I run Photoshop and the Adobe CC Suite.


I had not seen this, really i was only deep into the happenings when i was building my own board. This looks like a slightly larger version of my CPSQ, the only difference being the gap between the function row and numbers. KBD19X has one CPSQ does not.

The purple one

Since you have said you need a numpad, absolutely get the KBD19X. I can and do live with out a numpad depending on where I am and what board I am using, but I have the CPSQ on my main PCs desk and I love the access to the numpad for all tasks.

Greys are quite rare, Clears are popular and relatively easy. I can also suggest/recommend looking into the like of Zealios, Gateron tactile or Outemu Ice switches. Some are more expensive but pretty worth it (zealios) other are cheap and every bit as good as cherry (gateron, outemu). I have used all three and continue to use the Zealios and Gateron daily, the Outemu are in a bag awaiting another board (they came out of the pink and blue board above, use it for a few weeks with the outemu blacks).

All the rest is up to you and sorted by the looks of it.

@w.meri I also on to a good thing with those 96’s pretty good backpack board too.

EDIT: @kreestuh Elvish? Either way LotR caps that are not insanely priced and actually available.


I love the 96 format (if it wasn’t obvious yet), get pretty much the entire function of a full size keyboard, but in the footprint about the size of a TKL. My keyboards I lose the right FN, right Meta, PrtScn, ScrLk, and Pause keys, every other key is there. And since I don’t use any of those keys anyways it wasn’t a hard loss.


I would imagine those are on a shift layer anyway or under a Fn key.


The ps2avrGB firmware supports four layers on all keys I believe.


Stupid question. Whats the best way to clean the key caps without damaging them?


depends, is it just dust or have you spilt anything on them?
For dust i normally just use compressed air and some piece of cloth, like a shirt or something.

I am not sure if it is the best way but for cleaning a 20 year keyboard i got i just disassembled it and washed it in the sink


just talking about skin oil, dust and dirt. Nothing crazy but regular use over one year


Take them all off and like above, air. If that’s not enough a cloth, damn cloth, running water, soapy water, warm soapy water.

Just make sure they dry off properly afterward, again air can help here but just some ambient heat will be fine.



Quite cool. It’s not an ergodox… What is it?



#936 iris


Ducky are showing off a new 60% coming in September.

I said I had enough 60% boards but this is very nice.


3 level adjustable rubber feet

Double shot PBT Shine through caps that look very smart.


A large amount of second functions laser engraved on the side of the keys

Cherry MX Switches of course, I would probably end up replacing these

There is also radar lighting? But the image won’t load on my phone so sorry.

These might be the home for my XDA Oblique…


Any of you Model M aficionados help me out with pricing one? I want to throw it on Craigslist.

What would be a fair price for this Model M? Not sure if the grey label vs blue label vs manufactured date plays into the price of the non-SSK’s or not…

One of the F-keys has a bad spring, but otherwise they all seem good.

I was thinking $75.


Hmm… it seems my $75 guess will need to be adjusted.

I just hooked it up, and went to a keyboardtest website and everything worked great… except for the F1 key. You press the F1 key and it seems to go apeshit, like it’s stuck, until you press a different key.


I have been made aware of a kickstarter for a low profile mechanical keybaord that looks pretty nice. Bluetooth, USB-C, Aluminium case, carry case, RGB, thin almost like a mac board but actually good, Choice of liner, tactile and clicky switches, board in black or silver/white.

Edit: Some additional pictures by way of an asian website. No idea what it says but shows off much more of the board and its packaging.

And quite a good review here:


To quakecon!


The ground will shake when you bash on that all right.