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What about the actual Corsair ones?


Thanks for the link did a search for keycaps and they did not show up,
Go amazon lol. Had to find them on amazon.CA not .Com
Just looking for the WASD keys and no other, but if that is all there is will pick those up.
Extra keys may help if they wear out fast.

Thanks have a day


I’ve had rubber feet peel off the bottom of my travel keyboard from being in my backpack. Wear will happen with a keyboard carried this way but probably nothing irreversible.

Obviously keep the rain off it. A cloth bag might help a bit with scratches and such.


I guess before buying the corsair keycaps, I should find out if the people of have them like them.

  1. Do you like them for gaming
  2. Do the working for touch typing.


That is entirely up to you, feel is all preference.


Just picked the first one i found. The wonders of living in norway (se image below)

But thanks for te suggestion i will look more into it


Happen to know anybody with a sewing machine?

A simple keyboard sleeve can be made by essentially making a large pouch with a drawstring.


I think my grandmother has one in my closet, it could be a nice project to me to learn now to sew


list of keycap sites liked.

however i wouldnt waste your time on that keyboard getting custom keycaps. build one and mod that one.

i use my cm storm tenkeyless as a spare keyboard. I bought custom caps and wished i would have just build my own and gotten specialized keycaps for my layers from the beginning


Not a waste to everybody.

We all start somewhere and some just want a basic board that works and some nice caps. That’s how I started, a Filco and some blanks. It is still just as I made it a few years ago, it is my first and will be my last if it comes to it.


one of my current boards, love it.

iKBC Poker II Type C w/ Ducky & iKBC caps (preferred it with my Miami Nights SA’s)

All the boards I have:

Also I do agree, we all start off somewhere and also building your own board isn’t for everyone - even though I plan to build my next board.


It would be a pretty easy design to start with, a basic one could have as little as three edges sewn.

There’s about a billion fabrics and patterns to choose from too, so you could make one that looks exactly the way you want.


Nice, what are they all?

I like that they are still making and improving the Poker II even after the Pok3r came out, itself getting upgraded versions.


I might be the weird one, I have a grand total of one mechanical keyboard that hasn’t been put together by me, a Realforce RGB. The other three I have bought the pieces and put together myself.

One is a TKL that is complete other than not having a case, one is a 96 that is complete other than the keycaps, and the last is a 96 that is actually complete with both a case and keycaps.

After getting the case and keycaps for the two, the next step is to design my own PCB?


Three out of the four I own were boxed new, not assembled by me. Though two of those three were completely dismantled and rebuild with a lot of modifications. The third is also inline for some heavy modifications at some stage.

The fourth one was a custom build from parts I put together.


Only things I’ve really “modded” have been switches. The Frankenstotle switches have the bottom housing from Outemu, the top from Gateron, the spring from Kailh, and the slider/stem from Aristotle. Those keys are in the TKL without a case, so I guess that keyboard may end up being modded nearly from top to bottom.


Is there any good keyboard modding sites, that are worth looking at.


I usually lurk through the Geekhack and Deskthority forums if I’m looking for modding info.


Yup geekhack and deskthority are the big ones, there is also /r/mechanicalkeyboards subreddit, lots of fun stuff there if you like browsing pics of biards and projects.

Unrelated but what I came here for originally.

Check this thing out. I need to read up on this, there is some history apparently.

The Hyper7.

The first crazy thing I wanted in mechs was a 7bit Phantom Filco, still do really. This is like some mega expanded version of that board.

I Hear Space Cadet Is Popular


Awwwe yis. How have I not run into the world of custom/custom keyboards before? Gonna need my fedora. And to learn to properly solder. And probably go through this thread a few more times.

The Plan:
1 - Decide between a 60% + numpad, or something like a KBD19X. This will be a work unit, and muh jorb would be hell without a numpad.
2 - Decide between Cherry Tactile Greys, or the Clears. Going for heavy and silent. Like me :no_mouth: I’ll maybe try something not Cherry on future units.
3 - Decide on caps. Regular vs low profile, then colours. It’ll probably be a regular, and a mix (of colours). It’ll probably end up looking like somewhere between bonkers and awful.
4 - Order parts. Wait impatiently.
5 - ???
6 - Profit. And post pics here to inspire future generations of Canadian moose wranglers. Or something like that.