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Switches as well, it comes with Kailh Chocs
Here’s the Sharkoon rebranded, full sized version of it.


The thing that annoys me with changing it is none of them seem to have a reason for doing it. I could understand if it gave ergonomic improvements or adjusted the layout a lot, but it just makes it annoying to make your own. Almost like corporate deliberate branding shenanigans as they are easier to spot.


Could be, and they’re generally low quality caps on otherwise premium or at least decent keyboards, it just doesn’t make sense to me…


I bought a few of the cheap eagletec mech keyboards in the past. They are okay but I’m looking for something a little more elegant (types really hella smooth) that will last long. Basically what I want this for is command line stuff because with my current keyboards I can’t help but make 1000 typos per minute.

Any recommendations based on this use case?


Out of all of the keyboards I have used I would say the nicest switch to type on has been Topre. I currently have a Realforce RGB and it’s smooth and quiet. Built like a brick shithouse too. The only problem is that Realforce keyboards are expensive.

Second best have been linear keys for me. The linear amalgamations on my 96-key keyboard are actually quite pleasant to type on, especially for essentially being made with leftover switch parts.


Thanks for this. I’ll check out all 3 to see what I can afford. Probably best to start with the cheapest and see how that goes.


Have you tried Unicomps or even the original Model Ms? Great keyboards, i keep my ABNT model for typing alone (i actually bought the sucky reds Tesoro to spare the M from my gaming routine), i love it to bits!


I’m building my list based on the last two responses. Thanks again Mech Keyboard Corner!


Hey, finally found a cheap kit that fits the Tesoros! And its the stealthy color scheme i was looking for.



I talked about it but didn’t show any pictures because it was dirty and i was too lazy to clean it up, but here’s the Durandal i spoke about.
Had to do an unexpected repair, a small surface rust spot under the space bar, sanded it off, shoot some primer and black paint and it was no more.
Before this i hadn’t tried original Cherry Reds, just some clones, these are by far my favorite, quite smooth.




more like csgo gun


I have just gotten my first smaller than normal keyboard(70%) and was wondering, if you plan to transport it should you get something to protect it or can you just put it in your backpack and be fine?

(The keyboard is a UNIQEY C70)


Unless you’re throwing your backpack or using it as a kickball, it should be fine


gem i found :


Yeah it should be fine. I carry my 60% Anne Pro in my backpack frequently with other things like headphones and pencil cases.

Yours is a high profile side on an aluminium case it looks like. just done slam it around and it sound be fine. Mine is all plastic and its grand. A low profile case where you can see the switchtops and under the caps is more likely to break stems, but still careful consideration and even they are fine ins a bag.

You can get keyboard sleeves.

And this being mechanical keyboards, custom ones too, even matching keycap themes colourschemes.

Just examples.


Do not know if this is the place to ask.
Using a Cooler Master quickfire TK Cherry Brown

Is there a good place to get keycaps that are like the corsair textured WASD keys.
I am sure the corsairs one will work, just not looking for used keycaps, maybe something that can be a little more custom

Thanks have a day


An entire set in that diamond texture or just the WASD cluster?


Just the WASD.