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Yee, it’s definitely on there. I flipped the spacebar around to see if it would happen on that one stem and it did. (Has Cherry MX Stabilizer)


Do the stems line up with the holes under the space bar. If you flip it upside down and put it beside it, it all lines up right?

If it is the case the that stabiliser is just not staying in the hole, you can fix it with a little thin plastic over the stem to take up the gap.

From your video, half the stabilier the right side, is seated correctly, but the left side seems to not be attached at all.

EDIT: Looks nice though.

Get some pics of the under side of the space bar sat next to the stabs, and/or the new spacebar under side next to the old one.

As for the gap cling film/saran wrap work good.


Thats not enough it also needs to have the wire stabilizer on it. The MX ones don’t help as much.

Not exactly like that but still.

Also what @Zibob said


I so prefer Costar to Cherry stabs. Filco for life.


Or old style Cherry stabs with both the cherry stabs and wire. Trying to find I pic of one lol.
Or alps/ etc boards do it similarly.

Or the ones on my AEK II… Which I cant seem to find atm lol.
Edit; I think this is it.

And the integrated stabilizer latches into the keyboard (case? PCB? Metal plate on PCB… ) and makes a wonderfully stable space bar, one of the better designs if you don’t break it in dissasembly lol


There’s a wire stabilizer thingy


Every one I have used has both. Old and new, just commonly now the wire is under the plate so you can’t see it, instead of above like those older ones, or just exposed as the older board tended not to have plates.


Then you need to do what @Zibob said and make sure the MX mount lines up with the stab correctly.



Fixed it by using a small piece of a grocery bag. It’s rock solid now, no more teeter toddlering!


I need to try that plastic trick on my Aristotle board. The stabilizer inserts are so loose on that board they just fall out of the keycaps.


Seems to be working well right now. Teflon tape might work too.


Good stuff, happy clacking.


Fun fact: I can’t find proper O-rings for my keyboard in the local hardware stores. I mean non of them sells that kind of stuff… Tried a couple moding stores. No luck…
So yeah… May be I’ll try Aliexpress again…


Also reddit is useful


Appreciate it, but I am kinda few thousand miles away…


Its $4 and I’m pretty sure they do international shipping


The shipping will be ridiculously expensive…
I’ll just carry on without any rings…


aliexpress. $4 and free shipping almost always. It will take a while but you will get then cheap.


I wanted to boycott AE, but I guess after the O-rings…


Why so?