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Well, the last 10 orders I made was 50-50 arrived and haven’t arrived. Not to mention it’s 60-40 refunded and not refunded, not to mention it’s not full refund, so yeah…
In order to save money on item A, I have to pay for the item B, that will not arrive…
I am still waiting on 3 more orders, that will never arrive.


Huh, shit one I have had one not arrive, out of like 30. Everything else has been fine.


I know it’s just my luck. I have friends, who run entire stores with products from AE… And here I am, arguing with a seller “go to the post office, it’s there”, “I’ve been there, it’s not”, etc…
Anyways, I will try the site one last time…
I really want to get rid of the click from plastic to plastic contact…


O-rings will only get rid of one of the clicks. the down click if you bottom out the press. The up click will still be there.


And it also won’t dampen the click from internals of the switch, whether that is on tactile or clicky switches.
It will make linear switches silent though.


Not completely, still that up click of the slider hitting the inside of the switch. Sauce: Reds with o-rings.


Not sure if MX blacks are different but my WYSE with MX blacks would be silent if I had o rings on it.
Maybe is because they are vintage ones?


They all work the same. It definitely makes them a lot quieter as the spring is not super hard and wont slam the slider up hard, but it will still hit the top of the switch, Plastic on Plastic will still click some amount.

This is why they also have the “new” MX silent switches, they have a little bit of rubber on the top of the sliders to cushion the up click.


Hmm. Dampened alps seem like a much better way to go in that case but that’s just my 2 cents lol. Then again modern dampened alps arent dampened as well as the older ones are so… Yeah.


Yup totally agree, but than again the ALPS would have been made with that in mind from the start. A lot of people like the MX for the click clack, pretty defining feature.


I know that… It’s just that I’m a silence freak. I set my system for <20dBa operation noise, so I can do whatever I want even during the night and will not be bothered by fan noise. And typing is… Well… I want it to be quieter… As quiet as possible.


But the MX blue click is so harsh lol.
Its not that satisfying compared to IBM, or even Gateron (let alone Alps).
Then again I dont suppose many people even know anything other than Cherry MX exist so theres also that.


Hmm. Your best bet would probably be MX silent (or the Kailh/Gateron equivalents)
dampened alps.
O rings will help your current keyboard but probably wont make it completely silent.

Not sure if theres any super quiet switches out there beyond that.
I know of super smooth switches but thats only semi related.


I know… The reds I have are quite good in any aspect. It’s just the click. I don’t think I can make them completely silent, but I will do what I can to make them quieter than they already are.
Can’t really master touch typing, though I try…
Anyways I will update in a couple months probably that the Rings are killing my backlighting or they didn’t arrive or something…


Well they know “cheap Chinese knock offs”, no matter they are basically the same switches…



They are physically nearly identical and yet people dont like them. I dont get it, they are usually a lot cheaper and just as good lol.
Sometimes a lot better, for example Kailh’s new switches like the Box ones and double click ones. Among others.
Oh well.


My Thor 300… A 35€ keyboard with like 10 different light modes, a couple custom light modes and Nkey roll over and what not… Some 100$ cherry keyboards don’t have that many extras…
PS: I’m in the process of filming some stuff and making a video about it…


Get them clear ones.


I took a chance on the Fnatic Rush Silent keyboard (Cherry MX Silent Red) and was not disappointed. It beats my first(and the first ever) keyboard with the same switches, the Corsair Strafe RGB on all accounts except the RGB which I never wanted. Even the build quality of this keyboard is better, at around half the price.

They key caps are quite slippery but that hasn’t been a problem for my typing at least. On the flip side it makes them easy to clean with a quick wipe which I appreciate. The soft touch coating on the keyboard body also is not overly grippy, something that made an older keyboard I had a bit tricker to wipe off.

I had to order if from the Fnatic store since nobody carried it here in northern Europe, but apart from the one week delivery time (partly through Amazon) that was no problem. €10 extra for this new variant with the “Silent” is a no-brainer option really. I guess I would have paid a little extra for something like a removable USB cord as well, but I’m nitpicking.


What a strange keyboard. Need to clean the thing but has 8 (so far) different switch models on it in two colors.

@Zibob this is definitely one of my more intriguing finds. Not unpleasant to type on but I need to clean it more and stuff before I do more in depth analysis.
One odd thing is that it has… ABS double shots? Didn’t know that was a thing but apperently it is lol.