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Is there a way to get an IBM Model F with Win/Super keys? I already have a Unicomp Model M, but I heard that the Model F is a bit nicer.


Theres a Model F remake project in the works, not sure if its developed fully yet or not to the point where you can buy them though.


Also ive started working on a custom case for one of my keyboards, will see how this turns out :smiley:


Holy shit. That would be amazing


My wallet has cried, but I think it will be worth it.

It’s not completed for sales yet, but will probably arrive end of this year if not early next. I bit the bullet already so I’ll make sure to give a review if anyone is still hesitant.


I have this guy with Cherry MX Blues. Yeah, I am that guy.

I got it before they made them in RGB so I had mine with blue back light. At the time, I paid 170 for it.

Thinking about picking up the RGB because of the build quality and the Linux support. I want to keep the current one at the office and the RGB one at home.


Quick question…
Any feedback on Natec as a brand and outemu or whatever the switch name was?
It’s really good price - 37€ for mechanical keyboard with white backlight… But I don’t really want crap, so… Yeah…


Outemu switches are basically the same. Just slightly heavier, compared to Cherry switches. So the $30-50 keyboards with them are usually quite good for the price.


Outemu are fine, had Black linears in my MagicForce 68, no problems, quite nice.


Here’s an interesting question in my head…
If I get myself some O-rings for the key caps, I know they are supposed to dampen some noise and stuff… But is it possible the O-rings to block partially the backlighting?
I haven’t received my keyboard yet, so I don’t know if I even need the O-rings, and it’s red switch, so I may not, but it’s just a thing in my head…




There’s also this one that will come in a reasonable amount of time… (And im pretty sure its the same set)

Same seller has basically every Tai Hao set in production so.


I’ve not noticed this to be the case with MX style switches. The light is off to the side and is not obstructed by the ring. If you have some key-caps with transparent portions around the post area and you find its a problem, you could get some transparent rings that sometimes shows up on massdrop.


i bought a used tactile space invaders keyboard last night off of ebay for $35!


Be careful, sometimes people not knowing how to take them apart have broken the switches. As the “hands” that make the switch work are insanely easy to break. Because if you try to take off the caps incorrectly the switches come apart… And they are hard to put together without destroying them @Atatax


That sounds like a good idea.
Now I haven’t really heard any complaints about that, but I have noticed, that the LEDs of my keyboard are inside the switch, unlike the cherry switch where it pertrudes from it. And the translucent part is up till the middle of the keycap. So yeah…
Non transparent rings would definitely reduce the backlight partially.


The only difference orings make is they stop you from bottoming out. Which makes it quieter by default if you arent a touch typist (most people aren’t) so it makes the cap not hit the case on the way down.
Since you have a linear switch its already going to be quiet and the orings will just prevent you from bottoming out making it even more quiet. I mean you can do the same thing by touch typing but still lol



i have 7 sets of caps already :`(


The only reason I dont have more sets is because I have esoteric keyboards. I.e. my Model F has no replacement sets… Or my space invader switch keyboard … Etc.
Even my MX black keyboard has a bigass space bar and ctrl/caps lock keys so can only do most of the keys with replacement sets lol.
I really should get a standard layout keyboard at some point…


do you know a source for mx stem spherical keycaps?

guess they are call SA