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Those I do know a couple places for but are expensive as all hell usually.
SP SA are the best of the sphericals. Usually a number of sets on r/mechmarket that are either for sale or group buy in.
Example: (this ones not too expensive I may get one)

DSA are a close second and those are also on r/mechmarket and there is a few sites that have them as well. I.e. this Coffehouse set:


It is fine noise wise, and most of the time I don’t bottom out the key, but still I’d like to kill those few times I do…
It’s not really a big deal and it’s not really expensive to get the rings and silence the keyboard completely.
Yet, I must say my CM Storm Devastator keyboard is quieter…


oh god that’s freaking nice,

i duno about the coffee one, makes me think of what happens when you have coffee.


Those are just a couple of examples lol. There’s a 1976 set as well thats got the neon and poop brown vibe thats pretty popular. Among a wide variety of others lol.
One that I’m trying to get my hands on eventually is SA Elvish because reasons.


As has been said there are many SA sets. But you can also buy individual ones from Signature Plastics website or I think the hobby end is Pimp My Keyboard. They sell a few sets there but also all the parts to make sets.

@psycho_666 if you don’t bottom out often and just want to deaden the occasional one a desk mat or other soft thing under your keyboard helps that a lot. Stops the thump going through to the desk so much.


hmmm g20 looks interesting too


From super tall spherical to short and completely flat. Lol.


what can i say, i need to post my collection here soon





No G20, throw it out and start again.

Pretty cool, I think I have seen it before but it was a long time agoo. Dem Apple hacks doe.


thanks for the warning!


Debating buying an ultra rare alps mount style switch for $80 with Russian dyesub caps keyboard… But damn. Lol. Is a variety of these… But instead of OB5 its an OB3

Which currently isn’t even documented on Deskthority…

To buy it or not lol


Not documented on Deskthority!? Wow. Okay.

Not a bad price really. And I like the idea of the Russian caps, dye sub is awesome, I assume it is PBT caps? Solid stuff if so. Do they also have English or are they Russian only?

I have wanted to try Alps for a long time but never gotten round to it or saw a board I really liked. It is also a lack of caps.

Sounds interesting. If nothing else and you are feeling adventurous you could add to the wiki with it.


Well made an offer for $70 and got it lol. Now to wait for it to ship from Russia :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah strange layout too

But yeah is alps mount but not alps at all


Will have to see what its like @Zibob will see when it shows up


Nice, double shot and dye sub. Looks like ABS from the yellowing. Not sure on ABS dye sub and its survival was hydrogen peroxide but I am sure it has been tried, should you want to look it up if you are thinking of brightening it up to original plastic colour.

The layout is a little odd, I wonder if those two on the bottom row are just place holders for missing win/system keys.


Not sure how yellow it actually is, probably has to do a lot with the camera but definitely is somewhat yellow at least. However retrobrite can help with that.
Also it being alps mount means I can get custom caps …unlike my model F or space invaders boards lol


so i just received my space invaders keyboard. And two things i noticed right off the bat. The first is through normal typing, the space bar can kind of go unhinged. and pop up farther than its supposed to, like in this pic. The 2nd thing i notice is the color of the switch underneath the keyboard is green, when they’re supposed to be grey switches. So I have two questions. The first, is the space bar going to high up a damaged switch? a result of lack of support for such a wide key? something else? And 2nd, I am afraid to remove other keys because these switches are supposed to be easy to damage when removing the key tops. Should i be concerned about the spacebar not being the color of switch the keyboard is supposed to be or is it common for the keyboard to be something different because its such a unique key?
edit: i just pressed on the space bar slightly firmer and it clicked, and now it doesn’t pop up anymore, that problem fixed. 20171021_225834


Thats normal, usually theres a heavier different color switch on the spacebar.
And the looseness is what happens when the caps arent quite on right, just hammer the things when typing and they go back to normal lol.

And all you have to do to remove the caps correctly is pop them off from left to right. Or right to left, either way.
DO NOT pull up on them like MX switches.


Actually @Zibob
The strange layout is actually rather ingenious
They made it both a bigass enter and normal backspace so moved the missing keys to where a modern windows button would be.


unfortunately, it appears damaged. A, G, H, and K don’t work sometimes even when pressing down very hard and bottoming out. And the M key doen’t work the vast majority of the time.