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Huh, how fitting for what I found.

ik its alps but these are just ridiculous


@ProSonicLive you’ll probably like these if you like double click style switches


So this is a thing


i had seen the news some while back about their announcement, but have not yet seen or rather looked for any use reviews of them.

Interesting though, could be a nice alternative to scissor switches and the like for laptops.


They are basically clones of Cherry ML ( but in slightly different versions, as ML only has the tactile one.) So could be great on laptops, not sure how good a keyboard with them on it would be though for a desktop… Just because theres a lot more choices that are better lol.


I recently gained one of these off a Craigslist deal ( same manufacturer, different board) and I’m having one hell of a time finding the drivers for it.


The different modes are just keyed to function key combos Iirc. So just look up reviews or the manual to see how to change the lighting.
Unless you are talking about drivers to make the thing work at all which is a different matter entirely lol.


There is no software or drivers for this, should work as a normal input device on windows. I am not sure about linux though.
There is a manual that comes with it not sure if I have it around anywhere.

Messing around with is, clicking FN + 1 through 8 will give you different lit zones and you can Click FN+INS to change the lighting mode, had about 13 or so IIRC.
You can adjust the speed of the lighting modes by clicking FN + :arrow_left: or :arrow_right: to slow down or speed up respectively.
FN + :arrow_up: or :arrow_down: will raise and lower the brightness respectively.


Thank you theonewhoisdrunk. I will try messing with this a bit to see if I can get it to work.


If I remember right, that board assumes you are wearing a Hazmat or radiation suit.


I think its more for the elderly or kids for that matter.


There is indeed a kids version of it. In multiple bright colours. These are also used for older people.

But sometimes they are for gloved industrial use.

Edit: this is the company

Still going strong, even making versions for iPads.

They mention they are for kinds and elderly/hard of sight and the less abled.

But they also make them specifically very tough for industry use.


Would not use alps for industrial use but oh well, guess it works out for them.


Why not? Would it being cherry change that opinion?


I love alps but in a dirty environment they don’t hold up well.

Granted the caps are so big that most dirt and grime wouldn’t reach the switches.


Ah I see. Never had alps. I really want some though if I could find a justification for more boards.


there isn’t, you just do.


If you build them, they (justifications) will come.


I like this… But I dont know if I like it enough to drop $100-130 on it lol.