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That will be very hard to find. Might have to be a /r/mechmarket search.

i will keep an eye out for them over time, sorry no results right now.

EDIT: Right now I can only see listings for old TA Royal Alpha 700D typewriters 8U spacebars





Today i bought a Mantistek GK2 from Banggood to replace my worn out Nixeus Moda V2, dirt cheap (US$27.50), really simple, it comes with transparent Outemu Brown switches, RGB ledz and really ugly keycaps that i refuse to use.
The keyboard has a raised switch design, i’m thinking about doing the “underglow” look thingy with non-translucent, PBT keycaps, what do you guys think?
Here’s the little guy:


I.much prefer the super cheap “knock off” TaiHao Miami to the Signature Plastics Miami.

So much more vibrant which is was 80’ Miami nostalgia is all about. The dull SP version looks quite sickening to me really. Just jarring. The pink and blue set in case you were wondering.




This came in.


Got a cheap $10 set of PBT keycaps from china in today, they almost have the same legend as the ones I’m replacing but the 6 and the 9 still look the same but they are a little wider so when I look at the 6 I see a six and not an upsidedown 9. That and the harder PBT just feels better IMO. That and no more Bold S hif with a tall i space t key.


Me after looking at some of the prices on r/mechmarket

Some of the keycaps sets are going for like $400+
Just. Keycaps. Wow.
That being said a set for some of my esoteric keyboards would cost as much or more but still


If anyone is interested in a Personal System/2 keyboard with white Alps from IBM i randomly found this.

Interesting because it’s not that common to see. No caps though.


Massive influx of Tai-hao sets to Sennin32’s ebay account. A couple of the new ones:

Link is near the start of the thread to the ebay store.


I kinda bought this because for $38 I couldnt resist a battleship. I am not sure if it will have Space Invader switches or if it will just have dome with sliders but either way I’m not upset for the price. Will have to find out when it arrives in a week or two.


Looks like Massdrop is holding a little contest for custom keycap designs. Anyone plan on joining?


Ooohhh I will have to look into this. I use a layout style that I have never seen on any other sets, made it up from different colour caps of the same profile and dyed the ones I could not have in colour.

Looks like this on the purple (Team Qirex/Decpticon) board:

Broke the keys into colour groups loosely based on their functions. Alphas are white, Number row is purple as is the bottom row for framing reasons, Punctuation and modifiers are in black. So even with all blank keys it is easy to tell what is where. and looks nice with a consistent style of the colours shooting through the board and framing the sections, unlike regular two tone sets where the majority are all the same colour and the modifiers on the side are another with a few function keys in the middle alternated too, fine really i have a set in that style but just a bit too disjointed for me.

The yellow (Boarderlands) board in the fist picture was the first run of this layout style and had a lot more of the center of the board one colour including the punctuation in the yellow keys. After I made the purple one I redid some of the yellow board to incorporate some of the changes that made the most sense style wise and in regards to ease of use and position awareness. I added in two punctuation keys in white to maintain the angle on either side of the yellow alphas but due to doing this with solely left over caps ran out of white so finished off the break up with they grey joining the top and bottom bars, both looking correct in the over all style I was going for and providing the usability function of differentiating the other punctuation keys from the alphas.

So in all it has gone through three refinements with v2 & 3 both being final states for their respective boards as I like the colour breakdown of both and they provide the same functionality. I do not want more purple in the Qirex board by joining the bars top and bottom while it still has some extra in the arrow cluster to break up the rigidness of the lines but I like the added motion the joining grey slash added to the Borderlands board.

So explaining done I might just join in on this and see if people like it. If it became a common style the parts of it would be easier to find and you could make any colour combination.


MNPCtech and a few others talking about mechanical keyboards among other topics



Also forgot to mention there was an update for the Model F remake.


Does anyone know where to buy good backlit OS keycaps so I can replace my windows keycaps? Preferably with the Linux tux on them


You could probably get one from Max Keyboard.


this is one insanely cool project

The basic idea is that we want to design a case with complex structures.

All the parts will be made by high quality CNC aluminum.



I did see those on my travels. I would of thought more people would want that type of thing. I suspect laptops are to blame!


Make them silicon boobs and I’ll buy that keyboard in a heartbeat.