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This is what I got.


Says error loading image.




Yee, those are it.


Hhmmmm might be some error on my end then, blame mobile Imgur. Thanks.

Edit: Yup requested desktop version loaded right up.

@Calidrius Yeah those are all fixed. Nothing to worry about at all. You would be able to see it yourself it was only those two keys in the older sets.

This is an example of what they used to look like from the older sets.


If it wasn’t for the green I would have got a set of these. I got a Crimson set that would go nice with them but I hoard computer parts and I don’t really want those in the pile of stuff I really didn’t need from ebay.


Just got to wait for these to be more common and not made from ABS and they can go into the big pile of ebay… uh… deals…


If you are not dead set on that profile of keycaps and would not mind regular OEM or Cherry Profile caps you can dye PBT plastic a wide range of colours and if you can mix them virtually any colour.


Also @Calidrius I am somewhat out of the loop, been off reddit and thus out of my primary news feed for mech happenings.

Apparently MaxKeys are/have fixed the spacing issue finally. Also are getting to making novalties. So that’s good news for everyone.


Oh, snap!

Well, if they’re fixing their issues already I think I’m going to get those keycaps. If my keycaps from SP come in anytime soon, I’ll try doing a comparison between the two.


As a note. I know the “Ashens” is an old set being re run so it may or may not still have those two flaws. Not kept up like I have said so not sure on the details.

But anything new from them from now on should be fine too.

EDIT: Though… Reading goes a long way, my bad. The description in the link to the set you put up on zFrontier specifically states they have fixed it too.

Sooooooo good time carry on and get them, compare away.

Let me know the result. Always interested to see the set qualities.


At some point I will probably try that, mostly at the moment getting more colors and types that I can have physically in front of me to try out. Got the GMMK keyboard to try switches in but Legend on it is pretty bad, I look down at the keys and the @ symbol looks like some anime pig snout thing, the 6 and 9 are the same but one is just upsidedown, the % looks like ()/(), O and 0 look the same the difference being ( ) and ( ). When I work on things I usually look down at my Keyboard while I think, but now I lose focus when I look at the F upsidedown 9 key. Yeah the Shift key on this is also distracting, S hif t but the tallest letter in it is the lowercase i and it looks like there is 1/2 space between the f and t and a 1/2 space between the Bold S and the h. The escape key uses a different font…


This guy makes some interesting sets, also has DIY keyboard stuff.

Expensive but as it’s a one person shop makes sense i guess


i found @Zibob lol
(and/or @Big_Al_Tech )




62g or 65g? No no no no, not me 80g or 100g is more like it.

Yeah wood or alu would be nice but too expensive a lot of the time for me to justify, diminishing returns really, a good plastic case is fine, my filco is probably still my favourite.

Keyset, roll my own mostly. Got 2 dyed sets now and one cheapo TaiHo Miami, all done on the cheap. I really like mechs but I am not going to go crazy typing on my bank account.

I do need some new cables…


Oooh. For the Model M fans this is a nice overview of all the different versions.


Side note. @Zibob and others who have more experience with keycaps, thoughts on where to get ones for some of my stranger layed out keyboards? For example my Model F. Which has mostly normal but some strange ones lol.
Also the WYSE PC Enhanced that has a really long space bar/ctrl keys/etc. Which is also in the OP of the thread. Ive tried contacting some of the bigger keycaps makers but they were asking like $50 a cap for a lot of the caps lol. Which is insane (but sorta makes sense?). Still interested in finding places that have custom caps for the strangely shaped keys.


I know they have been made for people, custom artisan style, so all sorts of funky colours and different profiles.

I also know that there are small sets of odd caps like the bigger than ISO return keys available on aliexpress and such, there are also other space bars available.

The most important thing right now is what size is the space bar you need and what mounts is it underneath, all cherry or costar, stem positions and so on.

Edit: Okay, just had a look again at the original picture. All the other keys you can get, iam am pretty sure of it. The hardest ones would be the two CTRL keys but I am pretty sure they are gettable. The space bar might be, one way or another but yeah get the size and a picture of the under side and I can have a good search for them.

Edit 2: a 7.5u or 7.75u space bar from pictures online, but I will let you get the proper size.


Looks like its an 8u space bar @Zibob