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The battleship has arrived!

Has some kind of dome with sliders… but i’m genuinely surprised by them. Are on par with MX Reds (which isnt saying much… but still)

I think I’m going to have this as my daily for a while, alternating between my model F. Because this is actually one of the better linear switches I’ve tried. Not quite as good as MX blacks but quite OK and the layout is GREAT. And ofc my favorite clicky & tactile switch the the Model F (for good reason) so.




Funny you mention that… This is arriving soon :smiley:

I got it for $40 shipped lol. Will see what its like.


Submitted my design to the Massdrop contest, or at least a version of it that would work with the layouts they wanted. My personal one is a bit different.

Should link to my comment with the one submitted and the variations that I could not submit due to the one per person rule on entering


seems to use the small eyeed grays? are they the “double click”? I know the large eye blacks click once down and on the way back up as well.


Light blues and ill see soon enough. They are a clicky variant from what I gathered from the guy I bought it from which means they should click twice, on the down and the up. As thats a universal clicky design on space invaders afaik.


I wish you the bet with them, the one downside is keycaps. I really wish either cherry or alps or someone would put out a double click switch. Pure bliss for me to type on. I like greens well enough. But as soon as I found these I was like…“I may do things I wont be proud of to get this board.”


I found mine through r/mechmarket, but on there its hit or miss whether its a good deal or terrible lol.
Also here:


so i want a mechanical keyboard thats quiet, has all the keys including numb pad and preferably some extra i can program on the side for cs go and cheap. what are the options? oh and real cherry mx because i want a keyboard i can use forever.


Any full sized keyboard with MX Blacks.
Also MX reds are lighter blacks, so thats an option as well.
Both are linear, which means they are not clicky or tactile.
Gateron reds and Gateron blacks are equivalents. But are much less expensive.


Cherry switches are good, but almost all major switch manufacturers are good. Gaterons, Alps, kahl there are plenty with higher button press ratings than cherrys. I am not saying they are bad, I am just saying don’t lock yourself out a good deal just because of the cherry name.


I honestly could not live without my Model M. Nothing else compares to it from what I have used.


Ya, I’m not sure where people get the idea that Cherry is hands-down the best, but I have a feeling it’s largely due to the Cherry name being on a lot of gaming keyboards.

I have an old Apple keyboard with Alps switches that works fine still. I don’t really care for the feel though, so I don’t use it.

I love my new BW with the Razer Orange switches and big puffy wrist rest. They’re the Cherry MX Brown equivalent (Kailh re-brands made specially for Razer) switches, but they’re rated to last even longer than Cherry. Only time will tell though.

I also have a BW from 2012 with Cherry MX Blue switches, and the W key went bad after a couple years.



Like it clicks on the downstroke and upstroke or something? If so, the new(er) Kailh Bronze switches do that.


Will DEFINITELY have to check that out when building my next board.



I have a bag of Bronze switches floating around somewhere. They sound pretty nice, but they aren’t as tactile as I was hoping.


I think it has a subconscious thing to do with cost. They cost more and are German made. But there are even better switches such as the magnetic ones used on the ISS. However, with as long as ALL of these switches last, you will be wanting a new board LONG before they actually give out, assuming something else does not kill them. I have an E.Element that I LOVE and uses Outemu blues and are very tactile and VERY clicky. I have to use a more quit board on streams due to its volume, but I LOVE its’ feel and it is only a $45 board.


i used to have a model m and it last for like 20 years. i know their are other brands and i know some of them are good, but their not what i want ya know?


yeah, the space invaders are VERY clicky and tactile from what I can tell by the video I posted. But I don’t know anyone making keycaps for them.


If you are looking for a model M, the absolute closest are the Unicomps which use the same exact tooling that was used in the last Model Ms. Unicomp IS the maker of the real model M judging by its’ history. It was a company that came out of Lexmark or IBM if memory serves and they bought the tooling when the M was discontinued. You can even get black if that floats your boat. they feel a LITTLE less hefty than an M, But I chalk that up to the tooling getting old.